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S.B.A.T. The True Creation Story of Genesis
The Endtime Website for Prophets, Apostles and the Oppressed of Heart:With prophetic and apostolic teachings on spiritual warfare, spiritual growth, the spiritual world, demonic possession and deliverance, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, testing of the spirits, etc. With series like The Battle against the Territorial Powers, Spiritual Traveling and Vampirism Today.

A new translation of Genesis 1:1 1 : 1. There was a shaking in the divisions, on top of the mountain, in the height of the stars, among the chiefs of existence. It was taking place in the head of everything, the sum of everything. This upper part was the chosen part. It was the best part, called the beginning and the first. Here the principal thing was dwelling, the first fruits, the origin of all time. There was a huge hierarchy of gods, goddesses, angels, all rulers and divine judges. They were the divine pillars, the divine trees, the mighty elements of nature. They were the works and the possessions of the true God. Although they were mighty and extra-ordinary they were living sacrifices, dyed in red. They were the doorsides and the sides of a hearth, ready to be the food of life in front of the tabernacle. They were in a vision, coming in imaginations. They were a duality, a paradox. They were the powers of a wilderness, both dark and light, holding the opposites together. They were godlike. They were in a process of shaping and shifting, planting a fashion, setting new conditions and situations. Here they created a man between the stars. They were selective, they were in a process of cutting things down, and fattening things up. They were creating individuality. They were feeding and giving birth, all in a miracle. They were devouring and transforming heaven and earth, the great wilderness, Sheol, which is the underworld, the land without return, the place of death. And things started to become visible.
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This site contains a vast amount of prophetic information, research into church-history, ground-text studies, prophetic stories, Theological Thrillers and much more subdivided into several theme sites.

This page is also an acknowledgement to the work of those that laid some important fundaments, and are named in our overall statement of faith, not to mention all the saints that are actively watching over us from the cloud of witnesses.

You can enter the Online Prophetic and Apostolic Bible study Pages with a new and shocking translation of the bible book Genesis ! See what it is realy all about.

We believe We believe that to truly understand the Bible, God, Creation, Mankind, Angels, Demons and Other Religions we ourselves need to study Church history and open our spiritual senses by means of the prophetic to see the broader picture of the realities that surround us. Only than we will learn to see what is really going on. Take your time to read and to learn by going through the IHAO Theme sites. When questions arise or when you want to talk to like-minded brethren or sisters than have a look on the Forum.

Based upon Based upon the Teachings of Sister Bassilea Schlink, Ken Thornberg, John Wimber, Boby Corner, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Emanuel Swedenborg, Jacob Lorber, William Bramhan, Paul Cain and all those here forgotten and or prosecuted for believing God with all their heart and believing that the bible is just the beginning of an ongoing revelation and walk with God.

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Introduction to the Eternal Gospel In the first few chapters of Revelation it is said that there will come a white stone with hidden manna, on which a new name is written (2 : 17). The White Stone is a part of the Eternal Gospel. And in the first few chapters of Revelation it is also said that new names of the divine characters will be revealed (3 : 12).

In Chapter 10, John, the prisoner on Patmos, is shown a new opened book, and thunderstrikes were speaking, but John was not allowed to write it down. It had to stay sealed. In chapter 5 it is about a sealed scroll which no one can open, a scroll written from the inside and the outside. But in later times this heavenly scroll would be revealed in parts, which is described as the opening of the seals in an apocalyptic world, which is now.

The book Efatas is the first book of the Eternal Gospel, the Second Bible. The book Efatas is part of a larger book of this necessary continuation of the Bible called the White Stone, also predicted in the book of revelation. This time it doesn't start with the garden of man to describe how they ate of the forbidden fruit, but it describes the garden of angels, on the angelic and divine mountain of Eden where some angels were seduced to eat from the Sactacus, the black fruit, thus causing a tremendous fall of many angels.
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