Welcome to the S.B.A.T. IHAO World Prophetic Studies. The S.B.A.T. IHAO World Prophetic Studies site was one of the first sites to go online with a lot of articles first only published on paper. Still a lot of translation needs to be done but there are also some new articles with new insights on the church it origins, destiny and goals.

In general you can say that our teaching is specialised in spiritual warfare and deliverance from demonic powers and structures. Discerning the ruling angels and demons over a city country or greater territoria.

Guidance, discernment and teaching on the prophetic gifts, the nature of angels and demons, the suffering, the cross, spiritual growth, the spiritual world, demonic possession and deliverance, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, testing of the spirits, etc. These are all very important topics to address. One of our goals is to give a fresh inside in the spiritual realities that surround us out of a prophetic biblical perspective. What are the spiritual laws and principles that govern the spiritual/supernatural world. But as we said in our statement of faith, we believe that to truly understand the Bible, God, Creation, Mankind, Angels, Demons and Other Religions we ourselves (you yourselves) need to study Church history and open our (your) spiritual senses by means of the prophetic to see the broader picture of the realities that surround us. Only than we will learn to see what is really going on.

We want to give good and clear teachings and insights in the ways and techniques concerning Spiritual Warfare because there is a lot of confusion about this topic in the Church these days. When we want to grow in autority in the heavenly spheres, than this is a very important toppic. It covers a large area. For example: how do we fight territorial spirits that govern and influence a certain geographical area. Another group of territorial spirits are the territorial angels. What about them? Can we help them in battle, or can they help us in battle? Are there techniques we can use, or do we just pray and let the angels do the rest, or perhaps we should ask ourselves: what does prayer realy mean?!

We invite you to react. We are always willing to be tested, or... you may just have a question to ask. It can all be done on the Forum.