StudiesSpiritual Laws and Principles
A collection of writings that address a kinds of spiritual issues.
Part 1 - Pain Recycling
A handbook for a balanced healing ministry with user-directions for pains, spiritual clocks, exorcism, sickness translation, pain-mapping etc.
Part 2 - Vampirism Today
Vampiristic spirits ? Yes ! Is this Biblical ? Yes ! They are in control of a lot of spiritual processes behinds churches an human lives. In this article we will discuss five important vampiristic spirit demons that cross our paths on a daily basis.
Part 3 - The Sacraments of Devine Healing
Part 1 - The Power of Gods Tears
Part 2 - The Hidden wells of the Spirit-gifts
Part 3 - The Four seasons of the Cross
Part 4 - Spiritual Forces Symbolized by God
Both ice and fire are enormous forces in the spiritual world. Both God and His angels and the Devil and his angels use these spiritual forces automatically because they represent laws that govern the spiritual world and are symbolic for a whole range of spiritual principles. Many Christians are familiar with speaking about "fire" and the "fire of God" from the Bible but if we look more closely there is more to it and we see God also speaks about ice in the Bible.