StudiesGroundtext Articles
Studies that reveal the true or much deeper meaning of certain words and stories from the Bible by really studying the Groundtext.
Part 1 - The Zugos – Throne of the Dragon
This article speaks about the "Flood of water", the "bow" and the "cloud". The deeper meaning of the Elohim in the godhead and it speaks about war and horses and other scenes from the book of Revelation.
Part 2 - The Kleptes En Nux
In revelation we see the battle between the spirit of Martha and the Spirit of Mary of Bethany. Martha means mistress, boss of the house, while Mary means ‘rebellious’. Iesous will come as the thief in the night, the ‘kleptes en nux’. The ‘nux’ is the time of inactivity, when no one can work. It is the darkness at the feet of Christ, deep in the wilderness, where He hangs at the ‘stauros’ (stake/cross). When Jephtah defeated the Ammonites do remember that it all started when he gathered rebels, pirates and savages to wander with him in the land of Tob, as he was rejected himself. He had built himself an army of Maries, of rebels.
Part 3 - Christ the Pistis
Read about the depths of salvation about the road to the ark, about connecting tot the heavenly bloodlines, again about the fall of angels and wars of paradise and connecting to Christ the kurios as the possessor and so much more ...!
Part 4 - Christ the Telos
Learn about the true bible that's in the heart, in the spirit, working by many many senses, learn what it means to be a true servant of Christ, learn about hell and it's true meaning and learn about Christ the Telos.
Part 5 - The Breastplate of Samson
Learn about the stones that God wants to plant in us as the spiritual meaning of the Breatpleat of judgement worn by the highpriests. Learn how through the obstacles in our lives God is planting these stones into us.