StudiesThe Genesis I-III Bomb

The True Creation Story of Genesis in the Groundtext

What if someone tells you one day : your schoolbooks were deceivers, limiting the meanings, so that you would not understand the others. That someone is here today. It is the Hebrew groundtext of the Old testament, together with the old Hebrew dictionaries. It is not enough to know the groundtext. There are a lot of interlinears modernized, cutting away the old Hebrew meanings of the words. Hebrew is a language full of rich expressing symbology, showing the depths of communication, like the bloodlines of relationships, and even more : the bloodlines of meaning. Modern society has made the bible compact by short, fast bible translations, easy to read, and thus populair, part of the mainstream. Many sell their souls to it, to this materialized bible of Mammon. But we need to return to the ancient depths. Then the true gospel will be shown to us. We live in a cocoon, once set up by the west. We live in a fairytale of prosperity called the West, but to be able to return to the West of paradise, the West of God, we need to return to our eastern roots first. In history the sword cut two times. The first cut the East was divided from the West, and the second cut divided the West into East and West. These were huge walls, thick walls, all settled by Councils, all to bring us in the West of the West. It is shocking but true : The West made our bible. That is the reason why we have often the wrong god on the telephone. It is the spirit of selective translation and free translation, two dogs of hell acting like they are Gods messengers. They came to deceive us by western bible-translations for the sake of marketing. Almost all of us have such a Mammon bible at home. It was made to serve western theology. It was made to serve it’s dogma’s, it was made to kill the Hebrew/Aramaic background of Christianity. This background is holding the Groundtext of the Word of God, and it’s Rich Dictionary. Time to open it again.

Whenever you study the Hebrew groundtext : Be sure you don’t use only a limited modernized interlinear, but consult many dictionaries, especially the old ones, to have a wide spectre of the meaning of the Hebrew words. Hebrew words are often like small stories, and when you don’t know them, you will end up in the river with your car. You need to know the cycles of the Hebrew Words, keeping you close to the red line of the true meanings, the Hebrew Web of Harmony. You need to know the background of these words, and the way they are interacting with each other, and their root words. By this you will discover the story behind the surface. Much of translation is subjective, unless you give all the meanings a chance. Traditional western translations often didn’t show the paint-pallet of the words, and thus leading their readers into a trap, which formed the many cults. Still there is so much misunderstanding because of this, so many wars. For the sake of the Hebrew groundtext we avoided the traditional explanations as much as we could. Actually we just translated, giving all meanings a certain place, to let it become a multi-dimensional work. This is what the Hebrew groundtext was always worth. Even the names we have translated to give them their true Hebrew meanings, which brings a lot of clearity in the story. We did that as much as possible to give a better sense of the context. We did not put in any theology or exaggeration of the original text. This is the plain Hebrew text which you will find in the old Hebrew dictionaries and the encyclopedeas and books of the background. We give you the objective translation, and it will shake all the subjective translations of theologians and marketers who didn’t do right to the wide meanings of the Hebrew language.