StudiesThe Battle against the Territorial Powers
An important message for prophets, apostles and the oppressed of heart. A handbook about Spiritual Warfare. Written out of daily first hand experience. There is much ignorance over the battle that is going on as we speak in the heavenly regions. Many have no understanding of the powers that them hold and suppress them. Also there is little known about the possibilities we have as human beeings in this battle. From this need en the questions this online book grow as a message in my most inner beeing as a comfort to those that have been searching for so long in this matter. Please let others know about this page. against. Introduction and some important basics
Part 1 - Introduction and some important basics
In Part I:
- Comfort my people - Persecution in the heavenly realms - The coming of the territorial gifts - The coming of the Judges - Seven keys to stir up the territorial gifts - The coming ice age in God's church
Part 2 - The Territorial armour and Territorial Healing
When we want to wage war against the ruling powers we will have need for a special armour. In God’s word I have searched for a place where we should find this armour.
The Lord leaded me to Rev. 22:’ Than He showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal...
Part 3 - Territorial Area's and Principles
Building Territorial walls, Territorial dungeons, Territorial keys, Territorial tears etc.