StudiesProphesy, The Prophetic etc
All about Prophesy, The Prophetic, The testing of the spitits, living a prophetic live etc.
Part 1 - About prophesy, testing and interpretation

Some basics dangers and keys for testing !

Part 2 - Heavenly Access and the Old Testamentic Base-Ministries
God laid the Hebrew Aramaic base on earth by the patriarchs, so we better return to that rather than developing roman identities .... God needs to ‘reprogram’ us, so that we can root ourselves into the foundations again, and of course that programming takes place by the Hebrew language, by which His Word came to us ... So stop praying to your spirits and icons, but go into depth ... By the Hebrew Language we will get initiated into Gods treasure room again ...
Part 3 - The Origins of Our Teaching
Translated from Dutch - April, 2000

Our network consists of various prophetic, apostolic and judiciary ministries. These persons know one another very well and are attuned to each other in cooperation. What each person does is defined by his or her different gifts and anointings.