StudiesThe Solomonic Empire (Words for America)
Teachings on the Prophetic and Apostolic and Prophetic Words for America
Part 1 - The Great Unveiling
Learn about the Solomonic Empire, Solomonic Anointing and the Solomonic Foundation as the true foundations for prophetic and the apostolic.
Part 2 - A Word for Chicago
Part 3 - A Word to Kansas
Part 4 - Alabama Wilderness
There is much waffling today on ‘By Jesus coming to God’. And although this is very true we know that it didn’t make any sense to many. Better question these days is : ‘How to come to Jesus ?’ We see John the Baptist coming in the Spirit of Elija, preparing the way for the Lord. This is something which needs to happen in the inner life. Both Elija and John the Baptist lived in the wilderness with the wild animals, and they are our fathers in spirit leading us to the Lord Christ.