The Solomonic Empire (Words for America) Part 3 - A Word to Kansas June 07, 2007
‘Yes,’ the Lord sais, ‘I throne in Kansas. Here is where I live, here is where my throne is. Here is where my mill spins and where I have my millers. Yes, in Kansas I throne to raise up my prophets, and the scars of Kansas go all over the world to raise up apostles. Yes, my hand is on Kansas, and I will sift the revival of the 80’s by a new prophetic-apostolic flow. I have given birth to My Eagles, and I have released the eagles who were bound in the skies of Kansas. I have sent them out all over the world to proclaim my Word. Yes, on prophetic-apostolic foundation I will restore the temple of Solomon, and I will rebuild the Empire of My Spirit. I will raise a new prophetic generation, a generation having new tongues and new translations, and I will raise them up to rule the world. As have I not made my prophets to rule, to become kings and emperors in the spirit. Yes, I want to restore the very patriarchal foundation. I have heard the prayers from Kansas, and I have heard those who are close to My Throne. I have sent my Spirit to those and I speak to them in riddles. They do not understand a lot of the things I am doing, but they have put their trust in Me, and when the Apostolic Anointing will fall on them, they will have understanding. Yes, I will raise them to build bridges, and I will raise them to bring the mills of the nations, for there needs to be circumcision of the heart and of all senses. I have come against the cat-spirits, sais the Lord, the one of California and of New York, and I have broken their head off. I have removed them now, so that my people can enter through the veils, the purple veils of patriarchal kingship into the divine imperial standards. Yes, I will raise my Fairground this time, and I will pour out the Lusts of the Lord, which are the Lusts of the Cross, as the lusts of the world are of no use. And the Lord sais : Watch Nevada, watch Las Vegas, for from there My Fairground will come. By the sins of Eli the soothsayer the ark of the covenant could be stolen by the Philistines, and the ark of the covenant was also a representer of the ark of Noah, the great election. I had given this gift to Adam in paradise, as he could give a name to all animals. Yes, I had given him the gift of discernment and selection. It was a burden for Noah to build the ark as there was a lot of opposition, a lot of scorn. Yes, he wore the robe of scorn in his days, and by Eli in the days of the ark of the covenant, because of his halfheartedness and lack of judgement the ark got lost again, as a great cross of Noah. This is what Las Vegas represents : a charicature of the ark, but the Lord will raise the ark again. The Lord will bring divine election and selection back as important parts of the gifts of discernment and revelation. The Lord sets them free, those angels who have been bound in the undergrounds of Las Vegas. His dreammachines will rise again, to bring a righteous judgement, so that the ark will be safe again. Yes, the Lord will heal the ark, and will give it the power to elect and select again, for the Lord elects His people and selects His people by their hearts. And the Lord is a God of seasons, and a God of creativity. And like I have brought the treasures of California and Texas to Kansas, I will also bring the treasures of Nevada to Kansas, for a lot of things have been stolen from my people by the spirit of Eli. I have raised the anointing of Samuel among my people, but one tried to bring it down. I have given the sword to my Samuels today to cut off the head of giants. The battle is mine, also the cross. In Nevada I will raise my crib, but the birds will eat from it, for everything coming forth needs to be tested. Know that I am God, and I will make an organism of the continent.

Yes, Kansas is my mill, my cinema, as a shelter for the Spirit of Samson. For it comes to Kansas, coming from California, coming from the depths of Samson’s cross. And also the Raven has it’s shelter here. And I want to make you flexible in the Spirit, sais the Lord, when the ark will enter in again, so that my seasons and clocks can return, my agenda. Here is where the heart heals. Does not prophesy come by discernment, and does not discernment comes by prophesy ? This is the secret of my healing. I want to bring revelation to America, to break it’s seals, so that the depths of South America can also be reached. I want to heal my world by judgement, by pure election and selection. I want to recreate earth, and open the heavens to shine light on it’s riddles. Nothing is what it seems. I want to show you the deeper language of all things.