The Battle against the Territorial Powers Part 1 - Introduction and some important basics November 01, 1998
In Part I:
- Comfort my people - Persecution in the heavenly realms - The coming of the territorial gifts - The coming of the Judges - Seven keys to stir up the territorial gifts - The coming ice age in God's church

In dit nummer :

* Comfort my people

* Persecution in the heavenly realms

* The coming of the territorial gifts

* The coming of the Judges

* Seven keys to stir up the territorial gifts

* The coming ice age in God's church

Comfort my people

For some considerable time, I hear the voice of God crying out: comfort my prophets, comfort my people. Many are, right now, going through deep valleys and some are even near desperation.

This present age in which we are living is depicted in revelations 11 where two witnesses are rising up to do the job.
These two witnesses are seen through the eyes of many as the restoration of the prophetic and apostolic ministry.
Many have moves in the released gifts and offices of the prophetic as well as the apostolic flow. In verse four there is spoken about two lambstands, in other words, two expressions of the spirit.

It looks like these two witnesses are bringing the work of the spirit into full splendour, as if it can not be broken again. But, in verse seven we read a horrible fact; the beast that comes up out of the abyss will wage war on them and conquer them and kill them. True witnesses will be nailed to the cross by the spirit of the devil.

We must realize ourselves very good, that our dedication to God calls upon us the rage of the spirit of darkness. Mordechai, out of the book of ester, knew this also. He didn't bow for Haman the false leader, and by this, Haman called upon all the leaders of his territory to exterminate Mordechai and his people.

Let us be aware of the fact that the devil is seeking for reinforcement and has planned new attempts. As God's people will stand up, they will have to face the stringer leaders of the kingdom of darkness.
We are given a certain preparation on this in the word of God. God certainly does not avoid these subjects; therefore we are also not to do so. A good doctor will first have to make a good diagnosis. This means he has to determine and define the disease.

We must learn to known and investigate the ways and strategies of the kingdom of darkness, otherwise we can not fight aimed and conquer. Not until the diagnosis is made, the medicine can be selected and received. This brings us to an important balance:

Persecution in the heavenly realms

Do you feel set aside, do you feel defeated, do you feel deceived, know than that is also a part of going God's way: tribulation.

Rev. 13:7 He (the beast) was further permitted to wage war on God's holy people and to overcome them (the saints).

Paul says that we must go through great tribulations to be able to get in God's kingdom.

There will appear an ancient of days on stage and he will bring justice to the holy ones. The beasts from hell will be defeated. This, we can read in Daniel 7. He works together with thousand thousands and it all happens after the books are opened.
The people of God will enter into an new dimension of knowledge and not only meet the beasts but also the angels that are standing opposed to them and have a matching antibody against them. Everything had an opposite, for every disease there is a cure. But for that to happen, books will have to be opened.
Revelations 14 says that here will appear an angel on stage - he comes from the centre of heaven - and he will preach an eternal Gospel. Now, in these days, we are up to this.

The coming of the territorial gifts

Matt. 12:29 says that when we enter a strong man's house, we can only carry off his goods, when we first defied that strong man.
I believe we must start to move ourselves in this area. We must start to live out of over-sight (overlooking the entire situation/ the whole) and from there look into the small corners. When we want to work in a territory, we must know the negative as well as the positive supreme power. The blessing we want to bring in a city will work extra thoroughly when we meet the angel that God has appointed as governor over that city.

On both sided they work with hierarchy's. Also above churches we can learn to discern these hierarchy's and make our benefit out of it.
God works through angels, and the devil through demons. If we get a grip on this, we can help to rule and purify. This is also what God's word attributes us.

To make it easy we call this the territorial spiritual gifts. These territorial gifts control the normal spiritual gifts.

The coming of the Judges

There is a new flow needed of God's spirit to bring order in his church. The ancient of days will give judgment (Dan. 7:22).
The people of God are in need of judges as in the days of Simson. Judges that have these territorial gifts and spread them. Also in this, there is made a distinction between gifts and offices. Not everyone will be a judge, but everyone will have pen him /herself to the judicial gifts.

Is this really all that important? Yes, because the new age movement is already terrifying far in these things. We must give counterpoise on this territory, otherwise we will be taken over completely.
In the coming days God will call prophets and apostles to be come judge and there will be shown a way to judicial churches and judicial schools. Are we open for this, or do we continue to drown.

Seven keys to stir up the territorial gifts

1. Stop prejudicing

Prejudices make you set foot on a territory or person to fast and as a result of that you lose the over-sight. It is important to learn to wait in our mind, to think in steps. That way you keep the original view on a situation and that way there is a healthy distance, to be able to seen sharp and clearly.

We must learn to guard our thoughts. This can be done by knowing that when we have too quick thoughts, we lose the over-sight.

2. Stop centre attention, forming an idol

If we concentrate ourselves to much on a leader, a popstar or another person and in that act lose other important people out of sight, there comes stoppage in the body, a blood clot, in other words: spiritual thrombosis. This also happens when we concentrate ourselves too much on one law/rule and lose the other passages out of sight. And, if we concentrate ourselves too much on God and meanwhile lose the people out of sight through whom God's comes to us. That way we lose over-sight.

The answer to this is dividing attention through which the whole and thereby the rulers become visible again.

3. Give up your own interests, longings and status

The two witnesses where by their problems brought to the cloud in which they came to heaven. It is the same cloud in which Jesus left into the secret, to serve in secret. He gave up his place on earth. As Christians, every time again we will have to give up our place into God's hands to be able to come further.

When we stick to the earthly and to the honour, we have no over-sight. Deny yourself and distribute yourself to the people, poor out yourself over the plain, that way you will get over-sight.

4. Creating a background in your mind

Rom. 12:3 says that we prophesy – have spiritual sight/visions – according to the degree of our faith. Faith makes use of the things we already know. That way, you could say, you create the soil in which the seed of prophecy can take root. When we pray it is important to vividly imagine the prayerterritory's so that God gets space, gets a background in which He can project the reality of the heavenly regions.

Make a room free in your for every prayersubject, in which God gets space to show and give us things. Order creates insight and over-sights.

5. Begin with small prayerterritory's that God puts in your mind

When we engage ourselves in starting to work in such a prayerterritory, than the ruling angel of that territory will come to meet us (Dan 10:12). Than we may also ask for this angel, because he is send out in the service of God for the assistance of those who are to inherit salvation. On the other hand, we get to deal with the ruling demons of this particular territory. In our prayers we meet both these party's whether we are aware of that or not.
When Jesus wanted to deliver a demon possessed man, he spoke to the demon in person and asked him his name. In the ministry of delivery I have noticed that questioning paralyses the adversary. This is not the same as consulting dead and evil spirits for which we are warned in the bible. Notice the difference.

During the questioning the ruling demon of the particular area becomes more and more visible and he must give up his power. A caught thief has lost his strength. An important remark: demons can lie and will make use of every opportunity to deceive us. Therefore be short in questioning and bind their lying-power.
Be aware of the fact that to get revelation you have to go to God.

6. To overcome fear to engage in territorial battle

Territoriale demonen hebben meer macht over je naarmate je minder tegen hen strijdt.

7. Recognition

Learn to name the situations in your life, discover their territorial origin. Learn to think in lines, in cause and effect. Learn to see what the consequences of your choices and acts are in the territorial world.
Everyone has got to do with territorial battle, either conscious or unconscious. As a result of this, Daniel was often ill and without strength. This was a part of his sacred mission. Also Maarten Luther and John Wimber come to mind. They had to endure a lot of sickness and weakness in their lives during their territorial work. Therefore let us be brave and go on despite all territorial oppression.

The coming ice age in God's church

These past few years there has been spoken al lot about the fire of God and many say to have felt this fire. Some have lines up to spread this fire.
Although I sincerely believe in the working of God's fire I do want to state hereby and important remark. The bible speaks very clearly about something that comes before: God's Ice. In Ezekiel 1 we read how Ezekiel meets the glory of the lord. Ezekiel meets the angels of God who show him a firmament of terrible awesome ice crystal. Not until after this firmament he sees a throne with a creature of fire.
God's throne is surrounded with ice. Similar to this we can read in Revelations 4: 6. Ice indicates seclusion. Without seclusion there is no fire, no healing.

Services will have to be organized in the order of God's ice. We must get an encounter with God's ice so that we actually also will have the strength to get detached from the worldly desires. Many people who come in fire-services suffer from all kinds of forms of sexual impurity and other sorts of worldly similarity. They do not have the strength to get loose from these things. When God's fire comes, tan it is mixed with ice (rev. 15:2). This will give a true refreshment to God's people.

Tim Strijker, Pastor