The Battle against the Territorial Powers Part 2 - The Territorial armour and Territorial Healing November 07, 1998
When we want to wage war against the ruling powers we will have need for a special armour. In God’s word I have searched for a place where we should find this armour.
The Lord leaded me to Rev. 22:’ Than He showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal...
An important message for prophets, apostles and the oppressed of heart.
A handbook about Spiritual Warfare.
About the battle between the ultimate good and the ultimate evil. Written out of daily first hand experience.

The Ice armour

When we want to wage war against the ruling powers we will have need for a special armour. In God’s word I have searched for a place where we should find this armour.
The Lord leaded me to Rev. 22:’ Than He showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and the lamb. (..) There shall no linger exist there anything that is accursed. But the throne of God and of the lamb shall be in it."

I believe very firmly that we are dealing here with a river of ice. The crystal points to ice crystal, liquid ice crystal. We find this both in Ezekiel and in revelations when there is spoken about the throne of God. The throne of God is brought about from glass (ice).
The characteristic of the conquerors of the beast (the symbol for the territorial powers) is that they are standing at a glassy sea (Rev. 15:2) this glassy sea gives them authority over the ruling demonic principality’s:" and there shall no linger exist there anything that is accursed". The glassy river, the ice river, breaks the territorial curses. I positively experience that God is opening these sources.

After the saints have reached the glassy sea, seven bowls full of the wrath and indignation of God, are emptied out on the earth. These bowls have risen up from the sea of ice. It are bowls full of ice.
That becomes also extra clear when we see that the fourth bowl is emptied out upon the sun. Only ice is resistant enough against the forces of the sun.

First of all, we ourselves will have to be baptised in the bowls of ice. Judgment begins with the household of God, with yourself.
These seven bowls bring us the complete armour for the end time.

Paul describes this armour in seven parts in Ephesians 6:

1 the belt of truth
2 the breastplate of righteousness
3 your feed shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace
4 the shield of faith
5 the helmet of salvation.
6 the sword of the spirit
7 the praying in the spirit (the trumpet)

I have searched in the word of God for the seven parts of God’s end time armour, how we must wage war and stand firm against the territorial monsters. It are seven ice forces:

1. Absurdity

Ice points to seclusion which is needed for cleansing and the preservation of over-sight.
This explains why we read so many strange things about God’s prophets in the bible. Sometimes they were complete lunatic, and if we also don’t become complete lunatic in the eyes of the world, than we will never get loose. Only the clowns of God will be able to survive the forces of the and time.
People are spiting on God’s foolish prophets, but in reality these people are desperately busy to fight for their salvation, fighting to get loose from the earthly sticking.
We pull one another down as a result of our pleasing of people, ambition and paying honour. We hinder one another to enter God s palaces of ice, where complete salvation is possible.

2. Ridicule

Take a good look at the songs of ridicule in the bible. They addressed and broke down all the powers of that time that were ruling through the upper class. Ridicule makes use of decoding devices / translators that show the enemy the way he is. It is one big exposure. You strip them totally down.
Nowadays such caricatures have to be made again to put the rulers of this time in their place. It is one of God’s ice forces that God wants to raise again nowadays.
Holy mockers will rise up to bring confusion at he adversary. Woe betides them that want to stop them in this. These are thins tat must happen.

3. Rage

Rage is the third ice bowl that is emptied out over the entire world. The bible says: hate evil and love good. Through the rage against evil you purify good and protect her.
Develop this ice crystal in your heart to get loose off evil.

4. Vengeance

You pay back. Vengeance is rage in action. The slaughtered saints in Rev. 6: 10 are screaming for vengeance. It is the cry for justice, the cry for order.
Good can only rise when evil is being destroyed. This is the true love.

5. Fear

Fear can be very healing. When we become afraid of sin, by facing it’s terrible consequences, we are better able to take distance of it.

Let this ice crystal force his way into your head for the redemption of your soul.
This also gives us the immediate answer to the question why so little people examine the darkness. They are too afraid to become afraid of sin because of that knowledge. They do not want to get rid of sin.

At the same time this ice crystal cultivates a frighteningness in us. Sin must become afraid of us.
The great judges that will arise will cause a lot of scenes. People will run away from them creaming. People will faint from fear.
These judges will have breeded the ice forces in such a way that they will be free of pleasing people, ambition and paying honour. They will be terrifying like the angels (Judges 13: 6).

6. Unrecognisability

You let go of your life and you have taken on a total new shape. You are not bound to your past anymore, your guild is gone.
Out of their line of thought the people can’t get hold on you anymore, because they don’t recognise you anymore, they can’t find a connection anymore between you and the past. You are created in God and come from the future.

7. Incomprehensibility

You must do things that people don’t understand, otherwise they will linger (stick) to much on you.
You must become enigmatic (mysterious) to create distance in which you preserve your purity.

Territorial healing

Revelations 22: "than the showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal (.. through the middle of the Broadway of the city; also , on either side of the river. Was the tree of life (..) for healing and the restoration of the nations".

The ice crystal brings healing to the nations, that is, territorial healing. Whenever there is spoken about territorial battle, I hardly hear about territorial healing.
When the territorial wounds keep hanging around, than the territorial powers will maintain grip. We must bring heeling in the prayer territory’s to be able to protect the territory.
People are so busy with their own wounds and they forget that these wounds will stay alive through territorial wounds.
True and deep inner healing can only take place by territorial healing.

We will have to be trained in the territorial gifts of healing.
The healing occurs through ice. The wounds stay because they are fed; by sins, by memories, by wrong people. The ice makes short work of these connections so that the wound gets rest and can come to healing.

Every prayer territory knows an ice throne and an ice crown. Them we must sea to reach to get authority in that area.

Protection we will find in the ark. 2 Peter 3 says that the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished. The ark was there as a hidingplace.
This present world will be swallowed by fire. So there will have to come a new ark, an ice ark. The ice ark will be fire proof (Rev. 11:19). This ark will cause heavy hail.
This we can also see when the seven bowls have been emptied out. The hotter the fire becomes, the colder our ice must become. Also in ice there are differant gradations.

Judge H.T. Strijker