The Battle against the Territorial Powers Part 3 - Territorial Area's and Principles November 14, 1998
Building Territorial walls, Territorial dungeons, Territorial keys, Territorial tears etc.
An important message for prophets, apostles and the oppressed of heart.
A handbook about Spiritual Warfare.
About the battle between the ultimate good and the ultimate evil. Written out of daily first hand experience.

Building Territorial walls

I see ice arks appear above the towns, above the countries. It represents the good part of the town. The walls will have to be rebuild, and this good part will gave to be fed to be able to shake itself loose from the evil part.
In the good part of the towns and the countries the good souls will be able to take shelter. The ice ark will come to save them.

At the same time we must realize that there is a false ice ark in circulation.
Here I am giving the picture of a false trident that satan is aiming at humanity. To get in the true ice, first we will have to defeat these ice spirits:

We must build in the spirit of Noah. In the end time there will rise new Noah’s to build the ark. After that, a new series of floods will be poured out over the earth.

Territorial dungeons

In the groundtext from the new testament we see two kinds of prisons to which the demons must be send. Tartarus, that is known as the place of humiliation, and Gehenna, that is the place of destruction. In Revelations it says that the spirits must be exiled to the pit of the Abyss.
Never just exorcise spirits without sending them to the prisons, otherwise they will just come back. Jesus sent the spirits into the swines, that is the figure of Hell.

We must be informed again about these prisons and receive their keys (Rev. 20). We must become again heavenly prison guards.
This also belongs to the judiciary assignments. However, let us also realize that we are still living in territorial dungeons. At some points, the devil still has grip on us. We must see to escape put of these prisons.

Territorial keys

When we start to fight in the territorial, we must realize that it all has got to do with keys. We can only enter a certain aria when God has given us the keys.
The spiritual world is governed by tight laws. Every town has a certain task, has a certain anointing. When we have attuned ourselves to that anointing and answer to the purpose of the relative town, we have the keys to enter the divine town hall of that town. It is an identification – system.
In the Bible there is spoken about marks of the beast and marks of the Spirit. There is going to rise up and identification-system to create order in the spiritual world.
This happens both in the evil regions as in the good regions.

Every piece of the earth represents a part of the spiritual world.
We must known where the various supply barns of God are so that we can be guidedly receptive.

God works through the natural, through people, but also through countries and parts of the world. That way we learn to see that territorial battle is of vital interest.

Territorial tears

Sometimes people think they can just pray for any country or parts of the world that is on their prayerlist, but when we do not have a spiritual connection with such an area, we better not start on it.
Only when we are willing to bear the sufferings from such a country or town and really get concerned in tears about such an area, out prayers have grip on it, otherwise not.
God does not work through indifference.

The territorial tears are the oil through which our prayers can break through smooth and easy.

Territorial flags

Sometimes I am surprised about how naive some people are in the territorial battle. They have discovered the name of a leading demon from a territory and think that that’s it. Every day they speak out that name and put another curse on it again, and than they think they are done with it.
Well, don’t fool yourself. Our insights only reach to certain layers, certain degrees in the spiritual world. We must grow on, and than we will start to meet the more higher one’s.
Not only will we have to discover the names and tasks of the rulers, but also their flags and symbols.
I see in the spirit that in the end time territorial flag books will appear, that will contain lists of the rulers and their strategies, as a handbook (manual) for the territorial warriors.
These territorial handbooks are ought to be written by the coming judges.

Territorial cloisters

As the end time progresses, out of our being-a-church will have to arise cloisters. Places that designate seclusion and purification. Places where the ice forces can come to develop.

This really don’t have to be places outside society. You can also baptise your own house into a cloister. It,s about spiritual values.

Jesus said that we will have to flee to the mountains as the end time progresses. The apocalyptic shows us in Revelations that the church will have to flee under the ground (Rev. 12). This points to a spiritual attitude: seclusion, self-research, and self-discipline.

Out of these cloisters we will win back the authority over the territorial powers.
In Revelations we clearly see rising up, tight monastic orders that have learned to resist the pernicious forces of the flesh.
A monk has devoted his entire life to God, he even lives in the house of God.

Judge H. T. Stijker