The Western Gospel Part 1 - Calvin Lives Among Us June 09, 2007
Chapter 1. The Slayer from Heaven, Chapter 2. TWO FALSE TRANSLATIONS, Chapter 3. Covering Theology, Chapter 4. The Texas-Cali Link, Chapter 5. The Chameleon
Chapter 1. The Slayer from Heaven
Chapter 3. Covering Theology
Chapter 4. The Texas-Cali Link
Chapter 5. The Chameleon

Chapter 1. The Slayer from Heaven

I want to raise an alarm about the western gospel which they preach, for it is a false gospel only having a witness in mistranslations. Many times the ones from the native languages of the original bible have warned us, and I think it is time to break the seals now. The western world is misled by a clone.

Let us start with some famous verses in the bible.

John 3 : 16 in KJV sais :

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

It literally sais that God so loved the decoration that he brought forth offspring of weakness, fragility, which is the deeper meaning of a ‘son’, the one dependant on his father. It is the bloodline. Then it sais that those who plug into this bloodline has a future life. We see here a focus on the cross, and not just ‘believing in a son’.

I John 4 : 2 KJV sais :

Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.

This is very misleading, for we would not get any further if we would only believe that Jesus had become flesh. The groundtext goes much deeper. Sarx speaks about being stripped as meat. It speaks of the animal nature, subject to suffering. It doesn’t speak only of man, but of the savage nature, the wilderness. So this verse literally sais we have to hang on to the confession that Jesus went to the wilderness. Jesus means Jehovah is salvation, and Christ means the gifted one. Our salvation and gifts are in the wilderness, the chaos, there where the cross is.

When we read about the fruits of the spirit in Gal. 5:22-23 we see ‘makrothumos’ which is longsuffering, the slowness in avenging wrongs, and ‘praiotes’ which means ‘accepting suffering’. The gospel is about accepting the cross, entering the wilderness.

The western gospel is based on Calvinism, an anti-christian gospel, far away from the original scriptures. Calvin was the constructor of five evil laws creating some sort of elite. When it comes to that, the Islam would be even closer to the original bible than the evil works of Calvin. He demonstrated five principles of how to turn the church into a robot. We have seen those laws coming to reality throughout church history. When Calvin came it was such a killer, causing death to many spirits.

The Lord sais that it would even be better to read the Koran than to read Calvin’s bible. In this age we have seen the rise of authoritarianism, as the seal on calvin’s works. This preaches a gospel strange from the original gospel, and should be avoided to the highest extends. Calvin was the anti-christ, the beast to which the dragon, Rome, gave it’s power. A muslim is even closer to God than a Calvinistic Christian, for one of the five pillars of the islam is giving to the poor. While the pillars of Calvinism even left the cross out of it. The Christ of the Reformation lacks the cross, and is nothing but Calvin himself.

The last law of Calvin, the fifth, promised eternal life for the elite, granting them a sort of implant by which they would never ever fall from grace. It is the notorious ‘once saved, always saved’ law. This law isn’t scriptural, neither is it spiritual. It forms a false cocoon around the believer, a cocoon of lies and self-deception, by which the believer will be blinded. His God is not the God of the scriptures, but his God is Calvin.

The fifth law of Calvinism is a law of total robotics, like the flute of the zombificator raising up a zombie army. They fight against those who preach the gospel of freedom. This gospel comes forth from the bondage by the spirit, a bondage coming to those who have seeked this bondage, out of free will. In Calvinism there is no free will. Of course this can come in many levels. Of course this can come under many masks. Modern Calvinistic Christianity demands submission to the authorities, as a sort of neo-calvinism. You can find that in almost all the churches. It is about the little gods on earth, established by God (Calvin), so you better obey them, or you would rebel against God (Calvin). This is not scriptural as well, but of course several beloved translations have made it big. It is all based on mistranslations. The Calvinistic spirits are still deep in the church. They want total control. It is the new flow after the charismatic movement and Toronto : Authoritarianism. There is only one way to escape : To fight the spirits of Calvinism, to break it’s curse. And God has sent a slayer from heaven to do this.

The church is a doll-church already, bewitched by the wand of Calvin. Since Calvin came souls were crying blood and hyperventilated under an iron grasp. Calvin was the masterpiece of Neo-Catholicism. This is why they called Geneva, the cradle of Calvinism, the Protestant Rome. It was Calvinistic Catholicism, and it had it’s own inquisition. The church has been spoiled by the ‘grace’ of this Calvinistic machine by the charismatic movement and the toronto movement, but now a bitter cost comes on stage : Authoritarianism, preached by neo-calvinistic apostles and prophets. The audience has to pay the puppetmaster now after the show, to become a puppet themselves. It was not a free game, and many cannot escape from this terror, thinking it is the Lord Himself. The bible already warned against it, saying the anti-christ would come to change the laws and the words. The prophet Daniel prophesied about this beast, and said that the Ancient of Days (the groundtext) would destroy it by the opening of the books.

The slayer of heaven came to me to break the ten pillars of Calvinism, the nucleus of the reformation. He came to bring the ten pillars from heaven. Watch this diagram :

The Ten Pillars

The Ten Pillars are to unplug the five laws of Calvinism and the five solas :

Laws :
  1. Total Inability/Depravity – demon : ‘2’ – clown/spider – large intestine/nose
  2. Unconditional Election – demon : ‘mik’
  3. Limited Atonement – demon : ‘kolp-spui’ – royal clown/wolfspider ‘maker of the ravine’ – heart/liver/testicles/eyes
  4. Irresistable Grace – demon : ‘van’ – brains/nerves
  5. Perseverence of the Saints – demon : ‘farid’ – clown/spider ‘the pencil’ - lungs
Solas :
  1. Sola Gratia – demon : ‘reemham’
  2. Sola Fide – demon : ‘tusio’
  3. Sola Scriptura – demon : ‘titia’
  4. Sola Christus – demon : ‘atnar-kamin’
  5. Soli Deo Gloria – demon : ‘kaufnan-klaten’ (‘tebin the cat’)
The Ten Pillars

The Laws of Possibilities

Law I – Every being has the power and choice to fight and wrestle against any other power.

Law II. – Every power has the right and the power to make an army against any other power.

Law III – Every power and being has the right, choice and power to leave and hide from any other power.

Law IV – Every power and being can create, bring forth and help any other power

Law V – Every power and being can communicate with any other power

The Five Hermitators (The Conditions)

I – By Spirit Alone
II – By the Blood of Christ Alone
III – By the Eternal Gospel Alone
IV – By the Cross Alone
V – By Prophesy Alone

You can say that the Hermitators, the conditions are the five foundations on which the five laws are built. You can watch it from many perspectives, and it will be the alchemy of the new wall, by which calvin’s alchemy will be broken down. The bible sais not to adopt a false gospel, but one bowed down for Calvin’s sorcery. It was an invasion into the spirit, bringing mankind to slavery. These Calvinistic pillars, my dear friend, are the ten kings of the beast, the ten horns, which we can read in Daniel and Revelation. They are the ten laws of Calvin’s butchery, a gun by which we have all been shot down. So we see in this picture it is a battle of ten vs. ten.


Romans 13 - The Mystery of Exousia

Romans 13 is notorious for subjecting people to earthly leaders. However it is a mistranslation. Maybe you know the verse 1 of it : ‘Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God,’ sais the KJV. Church leaders have used it to enslave their ppl by it, saying they should obey them. But do not be misled. This verse is not about ‘flesh and blood’. The word powers is the English translation of a word much used in the bible : exousia. Exousia literally means liberty. It is about a spiritual power. We see this word in the bible as a description of an order of angels. Exousia is to describe the spiritpowers of heaven. Exousia is also to describe demonic powers, as contrary to flesh and blood :

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against EXOUSIA, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (places). (Eph 6:12)

In Roman 13 it is about the HIGHER EXOUSIA, which are the angels who are faithful to God. Further in verse 1 we read that there is no such exousia but of God, the exceeding. So we are called to fight against the lower exousia, the fallen angels, to resist them, but to subject to the higher exousia, the divine and heavenly angels. If we do not subject to the angelic, and resisting it, then we read in verse 2 that we come under judgement and punishment. It is about the arrangement of God, the higher exousia and not the lower exousia, for that demonic order we have to resist. For this we got the armor. So this is quite the opposite of what many church leaders are preaching to get their churchpews full. The mistranslated Romans 13 is one of the biggest traps for the body of Christ, trying to bring it in bondage.

It is a lie that we should bow down to ‘all’ exousia. It is a lie that ‘all’ exousia is of God. We have seen that there are two different sorts of exousia. This is what the greek groundtext shows to us.

Rev. 17:12-13 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive ‘exousia’ as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and ‘exousia’ unto the beast.

If someone would tell you to obey ‘all exousia’, then we see in Rev. 17:12-13 that we follow the kings of the beast then, and dear friends, this is already happening. Many follow the beast by these lies, to receive the mark of man instead of the mark of God.

Hebrews 10:25 – The Beauty of the Episunagoge

Another notorious mistranslated verse is Hebrews 10:25. KJV sais : ‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.’ In the groundtext the church is the ekklesia as the whole body of Christ, in spirit, for it also contends the believers who are already in heaven. It is not an earthly gathering. It is the gathering in spirit. Episunagoge comes from episunago meaning a complete collection. It is also used in 2 Thess 2:1 where Jesus gathers us in spirit at his coming. It is our connection to the whole, complete, body of Christ, working together as one, connected to it’s source. This has nothing to do with the material. It is in spirit. Those who have materialized this verse completely ruin the greek groundtext and background of this verse. The original meaning was that of the connection to ‘all’ parts, and to Christ Himself as the body. That is the true beauty of this verse in which we can rest.

In Revelation 13 we read about the mark of the beast, which is the number of man. The number means literally ‘multitude’ (arithmos). Man (anthropos) literally meaning merchantman, having ‘husband’ as rootword (aner). It is the number of agorazo and poleo, buying and selling, but the greek groundtext is much deeper. Agorazo comes from agora, meaning ‘gathering’, ‘assembly’ related to a marketplace, a public debate. Poleo literally means a barter. So we see here actually that this number of the beast, this number of the merchantman is actually the number of a lower gathering, a demonic assembly. In the Old Testament we read in Isaiah 14 how an angel falls from heaven with the wish to rise on the mountain of assembly or congregation in the north, while he got cut down to the earth, to Sheol. We see how there is a low gathering and a high gathering. We should subject to the higher one, and reject the lower one. That is the test.

Chapter 3. Covering Theology

Everyone who knows the depths of the groundtext know that the scriptures covering-theologians using are mistranslations, made up by the clergy to establish their mind-control. However there is a covering in the angelic, so of course it is paradoxal. The things of earth reflect the spiritual things, but it is a 'direction' which means we are on a journey. We should bow to spirit and to spirit only, and the spirit will lead us to those we can trust, so it is a vertikal thing at first. The base of the prophetic and the apostolic is 'in ourselves', and on this base we can be connected to other apostles and prophets by the heart, but it is always spirit leading, working by our intimate heart-connection with God, not by horizontalism.

Jesus showed a totally different way. He didn't come to beat up the romans or to build a worldy or religious empire. He showed the path of the cross, becoming the less brother or sister. It went astray ending up in 'hype' and 'greed', fast food mentality. They weren't following Jesus anymore, for the fruits of the spirit was something else. Things are out of balance and they are making fear-slaves of people, beeping implants. The camp out of church is aware of this, but the church-camp will oppose, not meaning to say these people are 'bad' but they are bound. And Jesus came to set the captives free. So some will be plugged into the vertikal to get a pure 'horizon', and others will lose the vertikal to end up as a cold stone in horizontalism. It is now the time to move from the head to the heart, for God is about to break the walls. Of course these will be the chocolate wars, for the peace and freedom God gives will stir up the higher war.

It is worse than we think. At the same time it is better for God sees the hearts. God has planted us in church as seed, and gave us a cross in that, but it will also bring forth a resurrection, a revolution. There are many good things on both sides, but the puzzle need to be laid differently. The connections will change, the links. There will be new combinations. There is always something good in the bad and vice versa. All very useful material.

You should take everyhting with a pinch of salt, for God does not want you to bow for any man, only to spirit, and when the spirit connects then we can accept or reject things, but it is all by the spirit. No fear. Do not fear any man. Do not fear any new teaching, or any old teaching. Fear God alone. And 'Fear' is a love-relationship with Him, for it means CARE. We are not in theology. We send love, we share, and only by spirit we connect. We send strategy, and we take it with a pinch of salt, until God breaks through by Himself, to make it sweet. So no fear. And to fear God is love, a tester and an alarm. Only God knows what the spirits are behind all this, all the things happening, and we better believe Him instead of man. The bible sais no man is acting good, they all live in the flesh, they have all fallen into sin, doing evil, killing each other. Still God sends angels, still God sends rays from heaven, still God sends prophets, but they follow the cross, and do not oppose it.

God is about to raise up His Walls, and we have been thrown in this calvinistic pit of snakes full of fear of man dressed up as the holy spirit. God has sown his seed, and it will rise up there, right from Swiss. The spirit of calvinism has orphaned us, mutilated us, and castrated, to serve us to a charicature, a manmade copy. Yes, we dive into the gates, and into the depths and the dirt, all for pearl diving ... We are no black-white extremists, but sensitive and sensible ... And when work is done, we get high up on the Wall again, all by his elastics.

The mind-controllers who have a tight position in church, those statues, will probably NOT accept the message, but as you know there is a difference between 'bound' and 'bad'. It is a weapon you have in your hand and a key, so use it well. Do with it, as spirit leads you. Be aware that there are demons in human flesh on earth, perfectly camouflaged, perfectly sealed, to deceive even the elected. They infiltrate the highest positions in church to rule it as gods. They are the nephilim, man making themselves a name and a city. And they came to the daughters of earth to bind them, to assure a next generation. So it is already a bloodline, and it is mightily working. Better doubt everything in these days. God will only unmask these when it is time, and when we are ready. But it will be big. They infiltrated in our families, in our groups, and they even grasped the saints for unholy marriages. For example watch some insects who mate with each other just to assure a next generation. They kill their partners after mating, or they lay their eggs in their partners so that their children are assured of fresh meat.

I realized how dangerous this totalitarian total-attack is on the body of Christ, all with the goal to gag it, to let man speak, which is the mark of the beast (number of man). I had this dream about a fight against a fish hotter than fire, up to ten times, with the tag 'sister of jezebel'. Authoritarianism is a new flow in the church giving demonic tools to leaders to raise their marionets, to let it turn into a total authoritarian system of robotics based on cold-hearted phariseism. The ppl wanted kings but God wanted prophets. First we had the flow of money in the church and now we see this flow of arrogant power (authority). God sais who puts himself high will be lowered, and who lowers himself will be put high. We see this game of lust for power getting bigger and bigger in these days, tearing the body of Christ apart, and it should. God is cutting the tumors out. We as radicals against such arrogant systems should unite, laying differences aside, and agree to disagree. We need each other.

There r two camps at the moment. We do not need half-heartedness, and it drains to listen to ppl who do not make a statement against such christian legalism. God will spit the ones who aren't cold nor hot out ... However there are prisoners, there r those we need to set free, and that will only happen if the body will unite ... This can only happen by spirit, not by an earthly agenda full of soulfull liturgy ... When I woke up the lord showed me it was a spirit I already knew. I looked into my prophetic notes and read about the sister of jezebel named 'Nemak' ... It can show up as a snake or a poisonous fish, which is able to sting the nervous system in a way it can control everything ... It is deep in the body of christ already and the lord said that we would either eat it or it will eat us. It is now the time to rise up against this thing, and to prepare for revolution ... a great exodus ...

Chapter 4. The Texas-Cali Link

There is something about the link California-Texas ... Since child I dreamt first we had to go through the Texas Desert and then reaching California, but there are problems in California : There is a big huge wall there, and there are angelic wars .... Behind this wall Hollywood is hiding ... Los Angeles/California ... In my dreams when I was young the angels were standing 'aslant' there ... Why do we need to 'go' there ? Because there is the lost Eye of the prophets .... God wants to give it back to his prophets ... So Texas is actually representing the prophet's desert ...

The Texas Medical Center contains the world's largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. God said to me once : ‘Money is the root of evil, but the root of money is medicin.’ In Greek groundtext in revelation medicin-makers are described as witches who will not inherit the kingdom of God, they belong to the liars who are actually keeping others away from moving in. They are sorcerors wanting to deceive our eyes, taking our attention away from God to put it on them. They are crossless businessmen, but they bring hell. We need to cross this Texas Desert and then climbing the big wall. It was kind of impossible to get across that wall right away .... So in dreams angels led me to a sort of huge hotel ... It was a sort of angelic arsenal ... There was a huge angel who could turn into a vehicle .... It could go underground, but also in the air, so it will be a fight on several levels .... Charismatic medicin-men/witchdoctors are offering their ‘medicin’ at the gates ... not to heal people but to bind people .... In Hebrew groundtext this is what actually happened in paradise : The snake can also be translated as a witchdoctor, a sorcerer ... The tree can also be translated as a stalk .... Well, the symbol/logo of the medicin-business has always been the snake(s) around the stalk guarding the medicin (black sirope/poison) ...

I had a dream about the wall of California ... It was turning into an angelic hill ... The hill was huger than the wall ever was ... It was a hill where the dimensions were shifting ... Like God was painting it all over again ... and it was like a shell, like a cocoon and we had to find the way through it ... It was a combination between a dream and a nightvision ... I could see the plants and bushes grow on that hill ... They were like blue flames, and it was so detailed ... It smelled very intense like heavenly medicin ... We kind of crashed down here once in our spirit-planes, and met each other here ... Blue is transparency in Hebrew, the bridge ...

I saw a sort of cat/jaguar-like creature, orange and yellow spotted, above California moving in speed. The Lord sais California is a place for Him of deep suffering, a riddle of the cross. A few days ago I saw the Raven, which is the Spirit of Elija, coming against the ruling spirit of California , this cat, and I saw the Raven picking it’s head off. But the battle is not over. I have 35 years of visions, nightvisions and dreams about California , so I will give information on these step by step, whenever the Lord allows me to. I think because I saw this vision of the Raven of God’s Army picked off the head of the cat is a sign of New Revelation coming, which is the Spiritual Map of California, the signal for a new strategy of the Lord.

I had dreams about the indians since youth. Most of the time I first had to drink some stuff, and then I sank through the ground and came into a realm with bones, very scary, it was like a nightmare. Then I always sank to three indian skulls of chiefs. This dream came back again and again, most of the time when I had a fever. The dreams always started in a certain kitchen where I had to drink stuff like tea or something, and then actually I had to sit on a chair, and the chair would fall into a certain tunnel to the depths of the underground where I landed between huge huge bones and darkness fell on me, while in the distance huge skulls were watching me, and I woke up screaming. Most of the times it happened when I had a fever. Always when I had to go to that kitchen in my dreams I knew what would happen. I would sit on a chair, get some stuff and sink through the floor, so the kitchen would scare me off in the dream. When I was a bit older the bones and skulls weren’t overwhelming anymore. The three skulls of the chiefs more and more seemed to show up like wood or brown stone or something, and it was like I could see their eyes, their mouths, noses, chins, but they didn’t or couldn’t move. These three heads were like carved in a rock, and it looked a bit like the big heads of the old presidents in the mountains, but this time it was deep underground, in the darkness.

I had other dreams since childhood that I had to go through a lot of curtains, often purple, leading me to some sort of desert, and then I came to ‘California’. This dream also always returned. Of course when I was young I didn’t know that it was California, but when I grew up it became clear.

The indian dreams I had also came in connection to dreams about paradise at times. There was an age in which people could become as old as trees, like thousand or twothousand years, and after the flood humans went down to the age of hundredtwenty. But in the state of paradise humans lived eternally. Something went wrong. The Old Testament in the Pentateuch describes it as a tree of forbidden fruits which led humanity to the Eastside of paradise, the middle-east, where the world-empires of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome came forward from to lay the first foundations of ‘civilisation’.

But in my dreams the trips through paradise were to the West instead of the east. I dreamt about many trees who had their own fruits, also the tree of life, and these trees would take the ones eating from it deeper into the states of paradise, to the Westside. This was more or less a savage, native American world. Some of the trees of paradise were like drugs spiritually (not the material drugs), and I can remember one of these trees was called the Nirshek. All these trees formed a certain portal to the Westside of paradise, the depths of paradise.

Nirshek is a spirit-language, one of the trees of paradise. In Spirit-Language Nirshek means something like 'The Power of Love', and the tree is a mighty guard and guide for access into the depths of paradise.

In my dreams it started in the kitchen where I sit on a chair and get something to drink. Sometimes it was an old woman giving me the drinks, and sometimes creatures who looked like lions .... Then it was like someone pushed a button and I sank through the floor into a sort of tunnel towards the realms of bones, dust, darkness and skulls, like a giant world underground, turning all my senses around ... It was like I could never have any control of this, neither of the drinking ... It just happened .....

Chapter 5. The Chameleon

David and Solomon were under the chameleon anointing, which meant they were multi-gifted ... You couldn’t trap them in a box ... They were creative ...

How to become creative ?

God laid the Hebrew Aramaic base on earth by the patriarchs, so we better return to that rather than developing roman identities .... God needs to ‘reprogram’ us, so that we can root ourselves into the foundations again, and of course that programming takes place by the Hebrew language, by which His Word came to us ... So stop praying to your spirits and icons, but go into depth ... By the Hebrew Language we will get initiated into Gods treasure room again ...

Mareh and Chelem – Seed of the Prophet


This is the vision, the mirror of God, His Eye. It is a sacred word, and helps us entering into the prophetic. You can pray to get ‘mareh’, vision, but it isn’t a password ... It is a focus ... Mareh was actually the name of the planet Jupiter. In prophetic life we can’t do without ‘mareh’, so we have to stretch out for it ... We can ask for it, and wait for it, be still for it, having faith in it, for it is a part of God. It is a mirror, so it will show you who you are. It will not sugarcoat things.


This is the dream. We can ask for it and have faith in it. It is part of the prophetic ministry and this was actually the Gemini Constellation. God has stored his ‘chelem’ there.

Our prophetic lives switch between the dream and the vision, the mareh chelem. On this base God can build further and eventually breaking the material forces. That is what the prophetic is all about : to get out of the levels of mammon. By mareh chelem the chameleon in us can develop itself. If we do not have this chameleon anointing, we will get stuck in some sort of position or status quo, receiving a false kabod, acting ‘weighty’ like all the others. It’s sad, it belongs to a fairytale in which everything becomes stone, but there is one key to survive : to become the stone of God, the Mary, which is the lizard anointing. Without having a Mary in your life there is no prophetic ministry. This is kind of basic ... When you aren’t a Mary, you are a Martha ...

Those who have a Martha Ministry will turn into a satan’s stone ... full of pomposity ... Then they worship the church, the system, call it jesus and forget about our Lord. The Mary Stone however will rise up to paradise, for the Chameleon will fill it ... That is the great difference ... The chameleons have access to paradise, for they are from paradise ... They are gods angelic creatures ...

Mliytsah – Seed of the Apostle

Shakan (shkn) is about the depth of God, establishing true ‘kabod’, the heaviness and density of God. It is the flexible shapeshifting stone. After the prophetic there is the apostolic. The apostolic is just the lengths of the prophetic, coming into the realm of ‘interpretation’. ‘Interpretation’ is MLIYTSAH in Hebrew. However it also means ‘satire’ and ‘scorn’. When you want to become an apostle, know what you are asking, for you will be scorned, and you will lose your reputation because you will become Gods Mocker. God is against reputation. It’s nothing to him. You need to be a chameleon even making fun of yourself. Don’t take yourself so serious. Don’t become a stone in mammon’s hand. God will raise up the jesters and the jokers, who are the true apostles. They have the robe of scorn, but are mockingbirds at the same time. So before you are about to ask God for ‘mliytsah’ : consider the cost.

Who thinks apostle is the top of what you can reach needs to know that the New Testament redirects it’s readers to the Old Testament, where the roots of Jesus is and his seed ... There are many more ministries to recover ... The apostle who stays an apostle all his life will finally turn into stone and sink away in the seas. We aren’t supposed to make ourselves a name. The chameleon is about changing positions, to bring down the spirit of status quo and the false kabod. The apostle needs to return to the Old Testamentic ministries to recover them. That is his mission : to build the bridge. The next level for a prophetic apostle is the judge, the ‘shaphat’. The shaphat is the terminator, waging territorial warfare against the spirits of status quo.

The ‘koach’ is the Chameleon, also translated as ‘strength’ and ‘wealth’ in ‘ability’. This word was used to describe the ‘power of Samson’, one of representers of the judges.

The ‘ab’ is the father, the patriarch, which was a fundamental ministry in the old testament. The ‘ab’ was the chief. Even when we have reached this level, remember it is a level of ‘mapping’, of survey, of spiritual travel (nasa). We cannot hold a ministry too long. We need to give it away and move further. If we hold on longer to a ministry than the lord allows that same ministry will burn us down and will deceive us badly.

What we see back in all the Old Testamentic Base-Ministries is the Hand of God isolating them to have a personal encounter with Him, far away from everything. This is the goal ... We always see the hermit showing up sooner or later ... it’s the hermitatic ministry ... So let me give you a view on the track :
  1. prophet
  2. apostle
  3. judge
  4. chief or patriarch
  5. hermitate
Bingo ! When you have reached level 5 the Old Testamentic Base-Ministries have been restored in your life for further progress. It needs to happen ‘inside’ between you and the lord, in isolation. When you stay in your apostolic hierarchies you will never see the Lord. The goal is you need to go deeper inside, and hide like the lizard does, the Mary. The goal is to go alone to the mountain like Moses, leaving everything behind.

God wanted to give an Easter Church. It is Easter, or in Paulinian terms : Damascus. It’s important to receive the Fear of the Lord, and bow down at His feet at Calvary. Most of all we need the Damascus experience. There was a prophetic institute to lock the prophets up. One wanted to have prophetic gifts and miracles, one wanted to hear the Lord, but they didn’t want to suffer with Him at the cross. We need an Easter Wave. True prophets held on to the Easter Wave. And true prophets still do. The question is : how to get rid of the implants. I got a vision of robotic bride-spirits programmed by artificial intelligence being prepared to be sent to earth to capture the prophets. To get rid of it we need to start the swine hunt. It’s an old Bond trick : take the suits of the enemy and infiltrate to erase the enemy’s code. Also the indians use this strategy in their hunt. They take the skins of their prey, infiltrate among them to take some more. This is what a prophet is in the heavenlies : a spy, a chameleon. He is a warrior and a hunter knowing all about camouflage. He is a strategist. It’s not about the mind, but it’s about the soul. It’s about easter. Neither spiritual materialism is the answer. God is looking for Mary’s in these days, not to fill them with old hymns and old traditional prayers, for the Lord is sick of them. No, He wants to pour the chameleon out in them. He wants to make them creative. Only easter can make a difference.

The apostolic movement of prayer and worship is a dangerous movement wanting church to govern earth again like in the days of the romans. Peacock-spirits of prayer and worship are sent out to enslave the prophets to work in flesh office. They want to build a new world order. Plant a guard for your mouth, for when you let a false spirit or a hasty tongue pray through you you get blinded and bound. These spirits are subtily camouflaged by master tactics, so don’t think they won’t be able to do that to you. Fear the Lord and take your positions. Many prophets are already prayer-governers for the new world order without knowing it. They pray because of their fleshly desires, and think it is the Holy Spirit.

The only way to get rid of this is to go to the roman-protestant base of it all.

Easter is the base of true prophets. They have the Easter-Damascus base.

Also a huge spirit : a chameleon-rat, which can also turn into a peacock, a turkey and a black snake.

The huge Easter bat-angels are to take over. They will begin to take the implants out.