The Western Gospel Part 2 - Calvin – Revenge of the Pharisees June 09, 2007
1. Sixty-Six, the Number of Calvin, 2. Sola Scriptura, 3. The Torture Chambers of Calvin
1. Sixty-Six, the Number of Calvin

2. Sola Scriptura

3. The Torture Chambers of Calvin

Chapter 1. Sixty-Six, the Number of Calvin

The Five Pillars of the Reformation have always been the Five Solas from which the so-called ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ came forward, some sort of instant formula by which people could be ‘saved’. It was and is still a popular prayer used by many evangelists and Christians all over the world to ‘win souls’.

The Five Solas of the Reformation, the Protestant Church :

1. Sola Gratia – By Grace Only

2. Sola Fide – By Faith alone

3. Sola Scriptura – By Scripture Only

4. Sola Christus – By Christ Alone

5. Soli Deo Gloria – Glory to God Only

This Doctrinal Canon has missing links, and has damaged a lot. The sinner’s prayer is a same sort short formula, letting the person confessing that he or she is a sinner, and letting him accept Christ as his or her Lord and Saviour. This formula should save you according to many christians today. But it is a lie. It is unscriptural. If you do not know HOW to come to Christ, you will end up with a false Christ, and it will NOT save you. If you pretend you were saved by such formulas, it is highly suspect.

The Protestant Church always had the manner to focus on Christ and neglecting the Spirit and the Cross. Church comes forth from this history and is still bound to this. Who were the uninvited ones ? Luther might have referred to crux sola, the cross only, at times, but this lost pillar wasn’t an official of the reformation so to speak.

Matt 13:38 - And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

Take in greek is Lambano, it means : ‘receiving a person’, ‘giving him ACCESS to oneself’. We have done this to Christ, but have we done this to the cross ? It is a lie that we can receive Christ without receiving the cross. For then you will receive the ten false christs of Calvinism. Calvin was the antichrist making his own theocracy, fulfilling all the prophesies about it, the murderings included. He had his own inquisition, with neo-catholic torture and death penalty. He was a serial killer, a terrorist. He had his own prisons for ‘heretics’, those who opposed his false gospel. Jesus warned us for this. And so did Paul. Calvinism based the scripture on an even shorter version than the catholic church did. The verst version of the King James Bible had 73 books, but the later versions had been cut of to 66. In the old groundtexts of revelation we find 666 or 616 as the number of the beast, both holding the ‘66’. It is the bible of the beast. Many texts have been banned by the church leaders because it wouldn’t fit to their theologies and policies. Never follow the majority in evil. Jesus warned against it, and so did Daniel. There would come a man changing time, laws and words. The Living Word, Jesus, got crucified, the Lamb got slaughtered. Lambano also means ‘striving after’, ‘reaching after’, ‘catching at’. This is in reference to the cross. Join up with this missed pillar and get saved. Give the cross of christ access to your heart, the Sixth Pillar : Sola Crux, by the Cross Only, which is the Lost Pillar, necessary for your salvation, and for receiving the true Christ. The Seventh would be Sola Spiritus, by the Spirit only. Only by the Spirit we can come to Christ. Because the spirit was left out, one built a material church, to lay the weight there. It is totally unscriptural.

Present Easter movement and the Prophetic Underground movement has added these two Sola’s :



It is about going back to the basics of scripture, back to the original texts, not living by the false protestant translations. They have made their own gospel to cut the cross and the spirit away, to install their false christ, the anti-christ to rule your soul. Don’t wait for the anti-christ anymore. Calvin was the anti-christ, fulfilling bible prophesy.

The point is : People do not follow a bleeding Christ anymore. They follow a prosperity christ based on their wicked scriptures. The cure is the poverty of Christ. This is the only weapon against the arrogant prosperity gospel which has made a materialistic fool of christ, to hold up their mammonic creatures, their churchian architecture. The poverty of Christ is His teachings of the smallest amounts. Compare it with the narrow gate, the eye of the needle, no place to lay the head on, etcetera. Christ preached poverty as the way to the Father. Becoming less, the lesser brother, the lesser sister. The authoritarian teachings about obeying leaders, obeying man, do not have any scriptural roots. People holding on to these teachings can only quote some mistranslations, and do not know the orginal translations of these verses they worship. By the way : The True Word has always been a person, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit is THE ONLY ONE holding it. We can only enter the Word by sliding and descending into the spiritual realm, leaving the material layers. We have to leave all the material spiritualisms we are still holding. This is the SOLA PAUPERTAS, by poverty only. The Prophetic Underground and the Easter Movement will cause the Poverty of Christ in all it’s riches. This will finally restore the angelic fairytales from heaven, the hidden manna, the hidden parables of Christ. It is for those who will overcome. This will go beyond Calvin’s number 66, the protestant canon. The Sola Paupertas is in it’s origin the blood of Christ. The blood of Christ is holding His poverty. The blood is a sign of that, that He has given everything away. Hence the streaming blood. Blood is saying : I don’t hold anything. So this pillar we also call SOLA SANGUIS (CHRISTI), the Pillar of the Blood of Christ. We can only come to Christ when we bleed like Him. A Christ without the blood is a false Christ. The SOLA SANGUIS is another lost pillar.

This pillar will lead us out of the prosperity traps, out of the pressure of this cult. Good it is to see the exodus in the old testament happening by the Pillars of God as well. This is the Key :

Cross – Blood - Spirit

Although many are familiar with these, they weren’t officials in the Five Solas of Protestantism. Protestant souls are all marked by the five pillars, creating a false Christ. This false Christ is the Illusius, an illusion, a demonic spirit. We have discussed eight pillars now, and have seen that there is no receiving of Christ without receiving the Cross. The sinner’s prayer is a deception mixing truths with lies, and taking ingredients away. We definitely need to have a relationship with Christ, communication, and not building our lives on hearsay. God doesn’t have grandchildren. The walls of calvinism are already falling down and we will all stand naked for God. So then we come to a nineth pillar, Sola Vaticinor, the Pillar of Prophesy. Some tried to lead prophesy to a lower plan, but prophesy is actually the expression of the spirit, and we all need it to stay connected to God.

Cross – Blood – Spirit – Prophesy

This nineth pillar means receiving prophesy as a salvation fact. Christ died to bring prophesy, and when we follow him in that, we will bring it forth as well, and it should, for that is to only way to become ‘bound in the spirit’ and to restore the relationship with God, all by the Sola Vaticinor, hiding us against any works and expressions of the flesh. It will break the chip of Calvin, and I know it is somewhere created between the liver and the large intestine to keep it imprisoned. This chip holds the five solas of the reformation, five demonic spirits holding you in slavery to a false christ, the Illusius. It is also connected to Calvins personal laws, the five laws known as TULIP, which was and is a wellknown code holding these laws. These ten laws of Calvinism are the robot-chip in believers, secreting demonic hormones to keep the body trapped, and the brains possessed, all for slavery in Calvin’s World-Empire. Sola Vaticinor, when connected to the other pillars of scripture, will eject this chip. To bring our bodies in order it is important to focus on the heavenly flesh then, the body of Christ, represented by the Morningstar (Rev. 22:16). In Revelation 2 we see that those who ‘keep’ the works of Christ will receive the Morningstar. To keep is ‘tereo’ and it actually means ‘to guard and to observe’ It also means to reserve, to undergo it. The Sola Vaticinor, the Pillar of Prophesy is basic in the kingdom of God, for it prevents people from doing their own works. It means the works of and by the Spirit. So we see :



On this Jesus will come, the Morningstar, the heavenly flesh. The Morningstar has always been the planet Venus. The planet Mars has always represented the Blood of Christ. We need both. We need a new body in Christ to get rid of the calvinistic body, in which calvincraft had been stored so deep, worse than witchcraft. Prophesy is our body. Some people prophesy, but we need to ‘receive’ prophesy, and we need to live from it. Prophesy is the communicator with God. This one is actually working out our salvation.

When Pentecostal movement came it wasn’t a real establishment of the Sola Spiritus pillar, of Spirit Only. They basically wanted to bring up the spirit as a sort of puppet, to institutionalize it all and make big money with it, and big power. The Easter movement and the prophetic underground is to establish this pillar in all it’s glory. If we want an authentic move of the spirit we need to return to the old days, in which they were based on the original works, as the path to the Father. Jesus always referred to the Old Testament, because there is the Treasure Room.

Chapter 2. Sola Sciptura

There is a lot of focus on the Word this day, a lot of verbalism, a lot of Sola Scriptura, and one of the most evil teachings in christianity is that everything should be tested by scripture, as the papers once handed over from pope to pope. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ : that is not the bible. First of all it is a translation, not the depths of the original texts. Second : The Word is a person, and it needs to live in our hearts. ‘Logos’ literally means ‘a word uttered by a living voice’, and it is ‘old testamentic prophecy given by prophets’. The word belongs to prophets only and it is a living voice, not a piece of paper. ‘Logos’ means ‘ground’ and ‘cause’, the ‘meditation’. This is all about ‘the oracle’. It is ‘in spirit’. Of course Jesus, the Word, became ‘flesh’, but this was heavenly flesh, the body of the spirit.

Dealing with Church-History

The material church demonstrated seven councils in the first few centuries, by which they established their authority. It was a political trick. The bible doesn’t speak about a material church, only a spirit church. Those of the material church often use mistranslations to maintain their authority and control over people. The Seven Councils of the Roman Church are therefore unvalid and irrelevant. These were the seven unscriptural walls they used to totally box their people up, to put them into an arena against each other. It is totally irrelevant to put the attention on Jesus without showing the way to Jesus, so they kind of ended up in a false Jesus. These Seven Councils are seven demons, holding the candles of the Authoritarian Church. Jesus said ‘My kingdom is NOT of this world.’

An angel of heaven came to me, and said it would destroy these false foundations, so that the path to Jesus will be opened again. This angel gave me seven angelic councils for that :

Angelic Council 1. Mary of Bethany is the Path to Jesus, for she sat as his feet to listen to Him.

Angelic Council 2. Ruth is the Old Testamentic Type of Mary of Bethany, who got saved by sleeping at the feet of Boaz, the Old Testamentic Type of Christ. Ruth brings it one step further.

Angelic Council 3. Peniel is the place where we should wrestle with God to be broken and bound by the spirit.

Angelic Council 4. Samson as Type of Christ, living in slavery and bondage, deprived of his eyes, finally to destroy the temple of the philistines.

Angelic Council 5. The Spirit Circumcision

Angelic Council 6. The Spirit Church

Angelic Council 7. The Spirit Word

Sola Scriptura is not scriptural, for the Spirit holds the Word as a Sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6). So when we have seen the nine pillars, and have been re-connected to the angelic world in which we have found our teachers : the spirits of God, we will see one of the pillars coming down to be crashed to ashes. Sola Scriptura has bound us to verbalism, which is a form of materialism, so that we couldn’t see the prophetic lights of God. Because the prophetic comes to many conditions and a high cost (your life), people started to find them natural teachers like papers and man. It is so much easier this way than to create a relationship with Spirit, with God and His angels. The weight is not on papers and man, by which we find God. No. The weight is on God first, and the rest will be given to us. This we call Spirit. It is a vertical thing.

It is the other way round. People say first we need to look for man, and then we can get to God, but that is a trap. We seek God, and God alone. In God we will find everything. God will come against such materialism. Burn your books and bibles, and find God. Then He will start all over again, and will build His kingdom in your life. There is no live in the flesh, no life in the letter. It mixes truth with lies. There is only life in the Spirit, and in the Spirit we will have everything. We are strangers to the letter, and strangers to the world, so let’s move on, and go outside the camp, where he still suffers in the wilderness. Do not think you will meet Him when you stay in the camp. You will receive a false christ then, truths mixed with lies. Do not hold on to your false translations anymore, to your Sola Scriptura, but meet the living God, and the living Word in your heart. Meditate on what the path to Christ truly is. Don’t end up with a paper Christ, or a hearsay Christ.

Jesus directed His finger back at the old scriptures, warning that there would come many false prophets and false christs. First of all he directed at the original languages, not the english clones, for these are the clowns of hell making charicatures of Him and everything which is holy. Paul showed what the Old Testament, the logos, truly was : the Sword of the Spirit. John said the Word, the Logos, was God Himself, and it was located in the ‘arche’, which literally means ‘the place of angels’. The true Word is in the realm of angels. The bible declares clearly that you do not need any man to teach you, but the Holy Spirit will teach you in everything. Do not listen to the trumpets of mistranslation, do not listen to letterism, which is the revenge of the pharisees. They bind souls by the letter. Seek the spirit first. There is no unity between spirit and flesh. If you are from spirit, he will lead you to heavenly flesh. The walls of Jericho will come down, but Rahab had her life in a scarlet rope, the rope by which the baker was hanged, and by which the bartender rose up. It is about the body and the blood of Christ. Only dogs will return to their own vomit. There is no anointing on the flesh. There has never been any. It is all truths mixed by lies, thieves selling their stolen property, but the Lord Jesus himself will return as a thief in the night, as a Robin Hood, to steal it back, and give it to the poor of spirit. He will raise a standard as the thieving magpie.

After Easter Christ went on the path of Ascension, not on earthly establishment. It is about leaving the degrees of materialism, breaking the chains of Mammon, and entering through the angelic gates, learning how to live in the heavenly atmospheres. The earth will be burnt away by floods, and there will be a new earth in spirit, the heavenly flesh, which is the body of the spirit. It will all look very natural, for at first we will reach the thousand year zone, and then later on we will reach paradise itself. Without starting to follow Jesus in ascension now, you will never reach this place. Start working on your ascension. There is only a church in ascension, a church following Jesus. There is no any material church in the scriptures. If you have found one, you deal with a mistranslation. The original texts are very clear in what a church is.

We can go beyond verbalism, go beyond the cliché, to meet Christ and develop an intimate relationship with Him, all to meet the true church in spirit, the angelic church. There is only an underground church, which is a pure one, all connected by the velvet ropes. It is a masked church, masked against the world and the religious empire. It is a secret society of God. All based on the Sola Spiritus and the Sola Vaticinor, which means by spirit and prophesy only. This is how we communicate, this is how we work, and how we are connected. It rises above the works of mammon.

Jesus and the Dolphins

Somewhere in the first few years of 2000 Jesus came to me together with heavenly dolphins. He took me to a great gigantic beach of heaven, from where I could see heaven’s oceans. They started to fall down on earth, like pillars. The dolphins had amazing voices, they were so involved in restoring the prophetic communication. This was what they were saying :

‘We find the stairways in your body, to descend, to find you in your deepest pains, the bottoms of your pits we will touch ... Enter your future now, and see your past transformed ... Don't give up when you don't feel us .... Don't give up when you don't hear us ... We must give it time by developping our love and trust .... We must give it time to let it find it's ways .... The communication must grow ... It's like building a tall bridge ... Please stay with us ... As the angels of the sea sent out ... We are waiting for that day ... When all dolphins and their loved ones are united ... You are breathing in water, which is cleaning your insides.’

They were talking about the 4 prophetic C’s : Christ, Creativity, Communication, Contact, working in a heavenly circle, the code they lived by. Then I saw Jesus on a carriage and the dolphins were pulling it forwards.

This is my vision on the church. It is about living relationships, by the angelic. Angels are part of the body. It is beyond the dead works and the dead letters, it is about the living messages of God, that is what angelic means.

Chapter 3. The Torture Chambers of Calvin

Calvin had his own torture-chambers, his own court of judges called the consistory. From this place in Geneva Calvin sent his missionaries all over the world and raised the Academy of Geneva. Calvinism teaches the complete weakness of the will, the total robotics, as described in the notorious T-Law. It is the base of his zombification-process teaching that there is no free will. The T stands for Total Depravity. It is one of the main curses in Calvin’s armory. God teaches total robotics as well, as in the bondage by the spirit, but it happens by free will. It comes from two sides. Of course when it comes to demons and those who follow demons, God uses them as slaves, as tools in His hands. The T-Law should only be used on the evil forces, not on good and evil as in a complete picture. We are not under a T-Law. The suffering of Christ involves these things, but he will rise from this cross, together with his body, as a thief in the night, by the robe of Rahab, as a magpie.

God uses the T-Law against satan, not against his children, not against the innocent. God uses it against evil. There is not one person under the T-Law though, only evil itself. Calvin created his own elite, those coming forth from the T-Law. They were ready to be commissioned by God, by his grace and election. No one could influence this election. Only God could choose, bitterly and in frozen coldness, hard as stone. There was no interaction possible in this. God was the programmer. This was preached by the U-Law, the L-Law and the I-Law of the calvinistic system. They proclaimed the sovereign works of God, raising the dead in their bodies, as calvinistic zombies. Once raised you could never fall out again, as the P-Law said. The P-Law always had the last word, the finisher, the completer. So there was a difference between TULIP-slaves and TULIP-doomed, and an endless ravine was inbetween them. It was the L-ravine between the saved and the doomed, L meaning Limited Atonement. It was not for everyone. The U-Law of Unconditional Election had already stated who the elected were, and they couldn’t do anything about it, because they were all bound up by the T-Law of total helplessness and despair, having no will at all. It was the Calvinistic Chessboard of ‘just will-less pawns’. Every person on earth was programmed by that, had a place somewhere on this chessboard, in Calvin’s arena. Calvin also took the five pillars of the reformation, and thus arose the ten pillars of calvinism, on which Geneva became the Protestant Rome, Calvin’s Holy of Holy. Here he had his ark.

We see the ten horns on the beast with the ten crowns. These are the ten kings of Calvinism, the ten laws. In Daniel we see that there will be an eleventh one, a masterpiece. Like the beast Calvin got power over all tribes and nations, and many died by the sword, but there was a small hidden pillar to be raised up at the end of time. We see false prophets doing this at this moment. They call it the covering theology, the pillar of ‘church only’. It would become a calvinistic prison for the children of God. This is the Sola Falum. We see that when the Ancient of Days, the groundtexts, the original texts, will show up, this devil-animal with it’s horns will fall down.

We see the rise of Greece in Daniel 8, bringing forth a huge horn, Rome, then it breaks off and four horns rise, the four world churches : Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecost, and then we see a small horn rising to establish the organized service (church) against the daily sacrifice, to destroy the truth, and it shall prosper, that is what it did. It built a material church and it prospered, it built the gospel of prosperity to mock the poor and to indulge even more than the roman catholic church ever did. The holiness of God would be thrown down by this pillar of Sola Falum, church only. It would raise a mammonic sacrifice service, all for money and power. We see it in these days and it is the new wine of calvinism. The wilderness prophets and the desert saints are suffering under this, for their blood is what they drink. It is a false drunkenness. The material church has become a mammonic bartender dressed up to replace the Holy Spirit. But the eleventh horn of satan has been exposed. In this process first three horns, three pillars will be thrown down.

The Catholic Church had the Sola Benevolentia, by good works only, resulting in the Roman Indulge, entering heaven by giving money. By this the elite got richer and the poor even poorer. The clergy became some sort of automaton, a gamble machine. Then after that the five pillars of protestantism came forth. They had their own tyrant : Calvin. No pope could come against this guy, he let them all melt in his hand. He is the theologian giant of the protestant heritage, but actually it was just a roman strategy : The dragon gave it’s power and it’s throne to the beast. It was just a second step in their plan to make a new world order. The God of Calvin finally came down in all it’s tyranny, we see it in the medical world and in the system of justice everywhere : people do not have a free will anymore. Others rule their body. Young children are enslaved by the educational system, bringing them down step by step. The elitarian L-Law of calvinism, to create a ravine between a clergy and the laity, between the rich and the poor, between the educated and the illiterated, etcetera, come into the hands of demonic institutes. There is a lot of soul-control going on. There is and was no place for love in this system. Those who tried to raise up the pillar of love only (Sola Amor) were labelled as a sect or rebellious. Man was the measure. Not God. It was the number of man, literally : the multitude. They were all marked by the beast, enslaved to follow the majority. We should doubt any majority like Jesus did. We should connect to the angelic masses of heaven, the chaos of God, His love.

The I-Law of Calvinism is the clock of Calvin, deciding the times and tides and at the same time declaring that no man can stop it. It cannot be fought. It is the Irresistible Grace of God, deciding the ‘when’, and at the same time it is the Invincible Law, the fourth. It is the core of all calvinism, and the core of it’s protestant vatican, Geneva. It is the core of Calvin’s greenness, of his farm. You bet you have to be delivered from such an implant. Every single soul is marked by it. But God will erase it if we hold on to Him. He will take this hooks out of us. We have to escape from world’s biggest bakery. Law T was to make everything liquid, and Law I was the oven-clock in this. In such bondage only the bondage of the Holy Spirit, the red rope of Rahab, can set us free. After the resurrection Christ went to heaven, and He will return as the thieving magpie. This is the trace we have to follow, if we truly want to follow Him in all things. Rahab was the sprout from which Jesus came forth. Jericho will come down, nothing will be left but this Sprout by the Red Rope. The false baker will be hanged, and the true baker will rise, the one destined to be a bartender. The Red Rope is also the trace of the exodus, representing the spiritual blood in the heavens of Christ, the thieving magpie. Only by this rope we can reach the heavens. Only by this rope we can leave Jericho alive. Only by this rope our houses will not be destroyed. We will have an ark in Him. I saw the magpie coming to break the neck of the false dove. Pentecost is already a holy ghost cult, and they have made their own spirit, their own dove. It has made a charicature of easter. That is why we need the Sola Crux and the Sola Sanguis, the cross and the blood, to return to the suffering Christ who still suffers in the heavens because of the sins (Hebrews 6). This deals with the spiritual blood of Christ, from which he shall rise as a thief, the magpie. Only by this spiritual blood of the magpie there will be a second coming of Christ, a second resurrection. There is a spiritual cross. The Sola Crux deals with that and holds the revelations of it.

The earthly things are just shadows, vague reflections of the heavenly things. This is why the cross always directs to the spiritual cross, and the blood to the spiritual blood. We aren’t allowed to materialize Christ, and to verbalize it, that is the test. It all goes beyond that. Christ often referred to the Old Testament, for there the true heavenly objects are stored, their true metaphors. God has His Own ten pillars, and this will finally bring forth his eleventh, when he has restored the eternal gospel : The Pillar of Love Only, Sola Amor. It will come forth from the ten.

Be aware that Luther cut away a lot of books from the original texts, and had his doubts about many more texts. Later the weight came on Calvin, and the 66-canon conquered it’s millions. It was the Opus Magnum of the Protestant Church, not of God, who had warned in the book of Daniel that truth would be cast down, and times, laws and words would be changed by the organized service. The Holy of Holy would be polluted. It was the invasion of the nephilim, the giants from hell, fallen religious angels, men of name, coming to the daughters of man. It was an unholy marriage. The world has grasped this truth mixed with lies, because it lived in captivity of the Catholic Church, another tyrannic system. Many wanted freedom from the cold and hard sceptre of the pope, their tormentor. They wanted strong leaders, kings to lead them out, but they forgot about Christ the Crucified and the path of ascension. The trap was deep. The Protestant Inquisition was the Inquisition of the body and the soul. In the torture chambers of Calvin people would be initiated to the Sola Scriptura, bound to the word of the nephilim to conquer the catholic empire. These were 66 demons, demonic stud-horses, 66 nephilim, to pick up the false brides of christ, to build a great empire and to make a great name. In 66 nights the Lord showed me these demons, who polluted the original scriptures by false, selective translations, and false interpretations, all with the purpose to live in the heads of people to lead them astray, under their covering. They wanted a robot-army against the cross.

The 66 Nephilim of the Protestant Church

1. Proverbs – 58 (keeps north and south Holland separated)
2. Exodus – 34 (sugar demon)
3. Numbers – N11 (pillars of hell)
4. Leviticus – 68
5. Luke – 48 – master of light and the sun (low/slow voice), raiser of curtains
6. Mark – 9Z – demon of Holland, fire
7. Song of Songs - P
8. John – 58
9. I John – E7
10. II John – T5469
11. III John – E5O
12. Genesis – 3978867
13. Matthew - L2

These are the 13 leaders. The rest are lower demons. The big 13 can simulate Jesus and his twelve disciples very easily, and have access to many. They are the robots of Calvin, robotted to make robots.

In November 2005 the angels brought a new synode against the synods of Calvin :

It was a prophetic synod :

Article 1. This prophetic synod has been raised because there is much savage growth in the prophetic, causing a lot of chaos. This synod has been raised by prophetic hermits and apostles, not as a doctrin, but as a direction. The goal of the synod is to establish a Prophetic Church, basically and at first in the heart, as the invisible, hidden, secret and underground church of Christ. We built forth on the heritage given by our spiritual prophetic ancestors.

Article 2. Prophesy has to be tested, may not be forced, and has to come forward from a holy foundation, to care for the poor, and to suffer with them in their poverty, so that we also have part in their riches. This is the Path of Christ : the true living with God is to care for the orphans, the widows and the widowers. We see the foundation of poverty as life giving, because it connects us to the heart of Christ and his spirit.

Article 3. Prophesy has to come forth from isolation with God, from silence, and from listening. Prophesy has to lead us back to God, to His Heart and Spirit, by directing us towards the Cross of Calvary, where Christ gave is life as an example. That is why Prophesy is a weapon against the prosperity gospel which will lead those astray away from the simple, enrichening poverty.

Article 4. Christ is the king of all prophesy, and has to be worshipped. Every prophesy has to be laid at His feet to be purified by His Word. Prophesy isn’t destined for the worship of man, neither for institutes, but for deliverance.

Article 5. Christ is the nucleus of the Gospel, by His Blood. This lifegiving Blood may not be abused, but has to be applicated in all holiness in all things. Not for unholy pleasures, but addicted to a holy covenant with the Almighty. We cannot speak but by the Blood. We can recognize the Blood by it’s Holy Fear it’s causing. We will be judged by all the vain words we speak. That is why we need to wrestle with any prophetic spirit and utterance. The prophetic wrestling is fundamental and should be at the feet of the cross, because only the cross has the power to purify and test. We as prophets should stretch out towards such a Peniel experience, to be broken by the Spirit to be sensitive and sensible.

Article 6. Don’t let there be any competition amongst the prophets, but let everyone be willing to be the lesser brother or sister. This leads to the inner sources of wisdom in which the beauty is of all the heavens. Let the prophets guard their hearts to not be slaves of the world or the church.

Article 7. If someone has something against another brother or sister : Let them go to the Lord, not going into the spirit of haste. Everything needs to be purified and sunbmitted to the feet of Christ.

Article 8. Do not let us make a name, but let us seek the Lord. Let us not say the words the people want to hear, but let us bring the Word of the Lord.

Article 9. For prophetic instructions we will have to be with the Lord. It is Him who gives the words of knowledge, the words of wisdom and the powers belonging to them, with the gifts of healing belonging to them. In this all we have to battle against the evil. Prophets are in this gladiators and slaves of the Lord in all holiness, and have to reach for the highest bondage in the Spirit and the Blood of Christ, to get rid of any demonic bondage and deception. Many spirits of falsehood have been sent out to the prophets to bring them down by traps, and the baptism of the spirit is not enough to be protected against it.

Article 10. To lay the prophetic foundations the prophet has to lay down his anointing to bring it before the Lord to let Him purify it. The Lord will multiply it, but this will be through the cross, through the process of becoming empty and an empty vessel before the Lord, unattached, those are the wings of poverty. Poverty is the holy fast before the lord, and we should desire it besides the cross, and bear it. A rich person will not easily enter the kingdom.

Article 11. The prophetic altar is surrounded by prophetic deserts. The prophet needs to learn that God speaks in many ways. Then the desert will bloom, just like the wilderness. The prophet needs to learn to see through the eyes of the cross, through the blood, to purify the heart to a pure life with God.

Article 12. Prophets are connected toe ach other, not by theology, but by the heart. Let the prophets not wage war against each other, unless by a Word of the Lord in humility and fear of the Lord. Prophets should battle against such utterances, so that they can say : ‘It was the Lord. It was too strong, it has conquered me.’ Those who do not isolate themselves will be led by man. True prophets however live by spirit.