Groundtext Articles Part 4 - Christ the Telos June 06, 2007
Learn about the true bible that's in the heart, in the spirit, working by many many senses, learn what it means to be a true servant of Christ, learn about hell and it's true meaning and learn about Christ the Telos.
When we want to know God He can make Himself known by His Spirit. The Spirit can make Himself known for example by the Word of God, but of course there are many more senses and tools the Spirit can use. Some people are blind, some people are deaf, but God loves them, and wants to reach them. Some people are both blind and deaf, and there are people who cannot talk, or those who cannot use their minds. God reaches them through the other senses. God is from the heart, and has many ways to express himself. Think about the great ivory throne in the book of revelation, the great white throne, directing to the ivory throne (covered by gold) of king Solomon, who was a type of Christ. In greek groundtext this one has a major impact on the senses, having great access, so we do not need to underestimate God and His Power. Many people in this world are Pharisees of a certain translation of the bible, but the true bible is first of all in the heart, in the spirit, working by many many senses, even those humanity doesn’t know anything about. But as I said : many are Pharisees and scribes of a certain translation, a certain theologian interpretation, but God wants us to bring into the prophetic, which means bringing us into a connection with the living sensuous word of God, poly-sensuous. There is also deliverance for those who are slaves of the letter, for the bible in English is just a translation and has no true value and authorithy. It’s a wizard of oz.

True authorithy and power can be found in the groundtext, so true servants of God, true priests, true prophets, will not follow a translation, but follow the roots of the word. What is a true servant ? Many translations of the bible will not tell you that. In groundtext it comes from ‘latreuo’, which is the hired slave or footman. This one first needs orders before he can do anything, and he gets paid for it. In spirit the blood of Christ is the money, so we need to have a good survey on this. The root of this in the groundtext directs to the priesthood, the sacred office, so it comes to a lot of complex rituals. A true servant is a priest knowing that what he is doing needs to be sacred. This is why a true servant needs to sit at Jesus feet, and we all know from the word of God that even Jesus couldn’t do or say anything without the Father doing it first. So here we see the robotic nature of Christ and of His disciples ... They are automatons. We see in the word of God the call for worship at the footstool of God, but not many know what that means. In Hebrew roots it means to subdue and to be subdued, to be bound, to be dominated, to be tred. The earth is the footstool of God, and it is like a stairway. We can come closer to God by the means of this stairway.

The throne of God refers to greatness in number and weight, the same as his name ‘El’, which means ‘men’. They are the Elohim, the characters of God, the great chameleon, sitting on the solomonic ivory throne, the dents of beasts. We enter heaven through this mouth, through hell, which is the same fire of purgatory as the fire of the Spirit in the Greek Groundtext. Do not listen to all the lies about hell only for sinners who didn’t accept Christ in their lives and who have to suffer in everlasting torment without an end. That is a ridiculous and hilarious lie of greedy churchhistory not knowing about the groundtext context of it all. We all go through the fire of hell and spirit to finally enter in heaven, although some will never enter for they were created by God for destruction, as in a riddle. We live in a personificated world of cocoons. Everything will get recycled and old personifications will fall away. So this is not too dramatic. If you are weighted by the heavy stories of your mind, inserted by a translation of the bible in a certain language : start to read the groundtext and get free.

The translation of the bible covered the groundtext and it’s roots up to be the image of the beast, so that they would all receive the mark. These beasts are the worldchurches. Whenever there is a move of God, man builds institutes. Every church made their own bible and their own spirit, and this is why it is so important to go back to the roots. We can become part of the image, the statue, of the beast, but God has a much better plan for us : to become a Mary Statue, who sat at the feet of Christ. This is called ‘the Lizard Anointing’.

The Maries get their orders from the Blood of Christ, while the Marthas get their orders from Mammon and his corrupted bible translation. Both are complex robotic systems, so it comes to a set of in-depth deliverance. The Mary is bound by Christ, hard and unmovable like diamond and sapphire, while the Martha is like a salt pillar, like Lot’s wife. The Martha in church is like the revival of Sodom and Gomorra, but this time it is in religious garments. Marthas are far away from the footstool of God, so it is important to come closer to this footstool. In Exodus 24:10 we see the sapphire footstool under Gods feet. In Hebrew this is the cappiyr, meaning the voice of God. The sapphire is the stone of the tribe of Dan, a deep blue stone, also directing to ‘being learned’ and ‘to store’. This is why it is also referred to ‘the liver’, the deeper heart of God. In revelation 4 the whole throne is of sapphire, and someone like a jasper and a sardius is sitting on it. The throne of Solomon was of golden ivory, with a golden footstool. The new Jerusalem in revelation 21 has twelve foundations, like Jakob’s ladder to heaven, and these twelve foundations of this footstool represent the twelve apostles, the twelve disciples of Christ. When we want to come at the feet of Christ : come to His footstool, climb it, and learn about these twelve steps, the twelve disciples, to become like Mary. Only the Blood of Jesus can call you, the money of Christ, as you are a hired servant, and it is a path through the tabernacle, through the temple, to the holiest of holy. You are surrounded by sacred objects, so don’t become like Sodom and Gomorrah. Be holy.

In Greek the literal word for servant is ‘doulos’, which is a slave. It comes from the rootword ‘deo’ which means ‘to bind’, ‘to fasten’ and also ‘to forbid’. When we want to become true servants of God, a ‘doulos’, then we need to give him permission ‘to tie’ us. Ask God today to make you His doulos, and know that ‘to serve’ means to be hired, so this means you will get paid for it. You will receive the blood of Christ in your life to make you free, and to bring you the wealth of heaven. When you finally enter the New Jerusalem, you first see the wall of Jasper, in Greek Iaspis, and in Hebrew it is the Yashepheh, the stone of the tribe of Benjamin. Yashepheh means to be smooth and to polish. We will be polished when we enter in, until we are smooth. Inside we find the ‘Katharos Chrusion’, by some translated as ‘pure gold’ but that is not so accurate. It means : the pruned and wrought substance melted and purified by fire. It is not only the Yashepheh, the smooth, polished substance, but it is also the ‘Katharos Chrusion’, that which is wrapped in the earth and is dug out. The Katharos Chrusion is much more than gold, and it is actually the victory over all the ‘golden’ Babylonian meanings of fire.

In the New Jerusalem there are twelve gates. Now some think that there are twelve ways to enter this city, but it is merely a circle or path of several gates, as in a spiral. These twelve gates are the twelve tribes. It starts in the east, then it goes to the north, then the south and then the west, so it is in an ‘S’ form more or less. It is wrought into the twelve foundations, through a street made of ‘Katharos Chrusion’. In Numbers and Ezekiel there are different descriptions of these paths, so there are more layers of the New Jerusalem. In Numbers 2 on the eastside : Judah, Issachar, Zebulon. On the northside : Dan, Asher, Naftali. On the southside : Ruben, Simeon, Gad. On the Westside : Efraim, Manasse, Benjamin. The tribe of Levi, with the tabernacle is in the middle, but we see the path of the gates is ‘in’ the wall, and it divides the New Jerusalem and thus the tabernacle in two parts. The New Jerusalem is a ‘polis’ in Greek, which is an ‘arena’ in it’s roots. When we watch Numbers 2 it is about the strategy of God in positioning the twelve tribes as army-camps. The father of the twelve tribes is Jacob, which means ‘footstool’ or ‘belt’ in Hebrew roots. The twelve tribes represent Jacob’s Ladder, the road to sit at the feet of Christ. Jacob represents the chastity he inflicts on the tribes to oppose the spirit of Eli, the lack of discipline, and one of the worst enemies of the cross of Christ. We move through firy stones, and they have all their task in bringing us into the yoke of Christ, to become part of Him. The twelve gates are twelve ‘margerites’, twelve proverbs, which are words of great value. When it is only translated as ‘pearls’ then something is lacking. The twelve gates support ‘wisdom and strategy’ in Greek Groundtext, the cunning of snakes.

Jacob got hit at his thigh, the ‘yarek’, which is the procreative place of softness, where the sword hangs. This happened at Puniel, which means ‘Facing God’ or ‘Turning the Tides’. In the New Testament also the mouth, the ‘stoma’ is the place of the sword. Stoma also means ‘two-edged sword’, ‘where the sword is’, and represents the thigh, where the semen is. It is an important area. We see in revelation 10 that John needs to eat a small book, which makes his belly, his innermost man, cruel, harsh and bitter, but it makes his ‘stoma’ sweet. This is actually what the word of God is doing : it brings chastity first which is to bring forth the seed. It is reaching for the sword, and then it speaks. This is how we actually become his gladiators working in his arena, the winepress. The treader of the vineyard shows up in revelation 18, and ‘in’ his thigh is written : ‘basileus basileus’ which means ‘treader of treaders’ in it’s greek roots, and in it is also written : ‘kurios kurios’, which means ‘possessor of possessor’, also directing to upper slavemaster and upper gladiatormaster. In greek roots ‘onomo grapho’ means ‘marked by suffering’ as an infilling by which several ‘persons’, ‘characters’ or ‘types’ can enter. This all directs to a recruitment into God’s Army. By this we became the perfect ‘doulos’, the hired servant of Christ. In roots ‘Christ’ means ‘the anointed’ but this is not a soft process, as it means to be rubbed and scrubbed, to be hammered and to be a hammer. We are both the object of the carpenter and the carpenter itself. Our thigh, our stoma, needs to be pierced by the sword, by the knife of slaughter, and by this we can finally carry this knife. By the word of God this place will become sweet like honey, through all the bitterness. We get paid for this job, by the blood of Christ and by the ‘telos’, an era of purpose. Christ is the ‘telos’, the price, as we see in revelation 1. The ‘telos’ is the terminator, to which all things relate. The telos is the goal, the food by which we live. And our ‘stoma’ needs to get full by ‘telos’. Telos is an ingredient of the blood of Christ, the heavenly money, by which we live. Without ‘telos’ we cannot do anything. Christ bought us free by this precious ‘telos’, by his hidden manna, and it brought us into chastity, into discipline, by terminating our old nature. By the ‘telos’ we can get rid of our old ties which keep us under into bondage. ‘Telos’ is like the tax of the heavenly city, the ‘polis’, the New Jerusalem. It is our holy drunkenness, our intoxicating medicine to get rid of the venomous streams in our bodies, and it keeps us safe. It is our holy bondage, the holy iron chains keeping us in line.

To Thuateira Christ promised the iron rod by which they could be herds of the tribes, to be able to feed them, but by which they had to tread them also. Thuateira means the odor of disaster, and they would only receive this iron rod when they would conquer. Not only iron would lead the tribes out of bondage, but also the brass. Moses had a brasen snake as a medicine for those who had been bitten by venomous snakes. Brass means ‘ringing’ in it’s roots, and is also an important ingredient of the ‘telos’, of the blood of Christ. In roots ‘hearing’ is the same as ‘obedience’. Iron and brass are both important, that’s why we also worship Christ as the Telos. The Telos is a perfect mix of those two. The Telos is heavenly manna, heavenly money, guarding us against the severe and venomous powers of the Mammon, the spirit of materialism. Without the telos we fall in the hands of Rome (iron) or Greece (brass), who are two servants of Mammon. It was the Telos hitting Jacob’s thigh, making him prevail, and sensitive for the rest of his life. The thigh is the center of our armory, and therefore God needs to break it and pierce it so that it becomes sweet, i.e. refreshing. The sapphire throne is the center of all armory, and in it’s roots it means : to recount. On this throne there is the jasper, the yashapheh, which means the smooth polisher. This is actually the procreative force of the thigh. There is also a sardius on the throne, as we saw in revelation 4. The sardius is the odem, from the root ‘adam’, which is the nazirite path, being the stone of the blood of Christ. In the root this means to be rubbed red, to be dyed red, to be red, and to grow red, as we saw. This is the place where God rules, and from where God feeds and leads the tribes. Not only by an iron rod, but also by a brasen snake. The sardinos, or sardius, the (red) bloodstone of the throne is also a ‘lithos’ which means ‘producer of small stones and builder of stones’. It is the root of the vineyard, the lifebringing force. The lithos is also an image of Christ. The ‘sardinos lithos’ on the throne is an enormous well of the rubbing blood of Christ, as a heavenly money-maker, a heavenly bank. All these stones are bloodlines, ingredients of the holy chains, the blood of Christ.

Telos is also related as ‘end’ to the tail, the ‘oura’, which is related to the serpent, the ophis, which means wisdom and cunning. It is the power to inflict hurt (revelation 9:19), and by this everything is bound. As money is the ruler on earth, so is Telos the ruler in the heavens. It holds the fire as well the voice of the blood of Christ. It comes forth from the throne of God, also including the chrystal rivers of persons. These ones are frozen, for in Greek Groundtext it indicates to ‘frost’, and the balance between fire and ice we also encounter in Ezekiel 1. The Telos holds the perfect balance for that. Those who live in frost have received the Lizard Anointing, the anointing of Mary. The Telos will take care of the movements and every form of utterance. In revelation we also see another polis, another arena, which is the arena of Babylon, the one riding the savage man from the pit. We see a certain angel coming against Babylon. This angel has raven-qualities in the groundtext, and soon we see Babylon changing into a cage for those spirits who do not handle the spiritual things like working in a sacred tabernacle. They are not from Levi, not from temple-service or priesthood, but they are living in idolatry. The message of the raven-angel is to get out of Babylon, in order not to have part in it’s bloodlines. The Telos will bind us to the holy bloodlines of Gods tribes.

This is why it is so important to know Christ as our Telos, and to worship Him like that. Jakobs Ladder is like the DNA of Telos, and it doesn’t only lead us into the depths and heights of the New Jerusalem polis, but also into the anointing of Isaac, Jacob’s father. Isaac means to laugh, also to mock. If we study the word of God we see how important it is to have some humor and satire to set our hearts and innermost men free from Babylon’s weight. We see how Elijah was a mocker, and we see how God himself mocked the earthly kings on their high thrones. It is hilarious, and we won’t help them by trembling before them and honor them. True love brings satire, not only as a path to freedom for the servant, but also for the king. Satire is an art, it is comedy and cabaret, and true satirists also mock themselves. God is a joker and a trickster, and this is coming forth from his cunning and wisdom. Do not sink away into the heavy weights of warfare all the time, but do some sports and games, which is the root-meaning of the Hebrew word of Isaac. Finally this road leads to Abraham, the father of Isaac, which means father or chief of multitudes. The Telos had made him rich in all things, but the Groundtext speaks of ‘burdens’. We can be rich in the cross, we can be burdened by the wealth of the heavens. This will happen when we reach the yoke of Abraham. We can rejoice in the Telos, when we are burdened by it, as it is the Power of the Blood of Christ.