Charismatic History Part 1 - Pentecost, The Easter Church and the Easter-Damascus base June 08, 2007
Learn about the 3d en 2d wave of Pentecost. Was the the 3d wave just another tilted Las Vegas slot machine ? What ? Prayer Ministry a hoax ? Learn about true prayer. Learn about the Easter-Damascus base as the base of true prophets
God wanted to give an Easter Church but the church chose a pentecostal church. Pentecost isn’t the most important thing. It is Easter, or in Paulinian terms : Damascus. It’s much more important to receive the Fear of the Lord, and bow down at His feet at Calvary.

Pentecost :

Kansas – 1901

Wales – 1904

Los Angeles – 1906

It started in Kansas. God wanted to give Easter, but his people asked for Pentecost. The result was a buffalo spirit coming down, and the result is that we all have to go in spirit to Kansas for a buffalo hunt, to meet Jesus at the cross again, for we left him there. Most of all we need the Damascus experience. Wales was a squirrel spirit, Los Angeles a bison.

Something called ‘Third Wave’ was another creation of Pentecost. It even was a roman creation. It was the prophetic institute to lock the prophets up. 3d Wave has even created this whole world, so it was an old one, brought up by the roman-pentecostal conspiracy. One wanted to have prophetic gifts and miracles, one wanted to hear the Lord, but they didn’t want to suffer with Him at the cross. We need an Easter Wave, not a 3d wave. It was a warthog coming down to earth, it actually fell out of the heavens. It’s older sister was a horned swine, called 2d wave, another creature of Pentecost. It was a sad story.

But anyway a huge tower fell down on earth. True prophets held on to the Easter Wave. And true prophets still do. The question is : how to get rid of the implants of 3d wave. The answer isn’t simple. We need a whole book for that.

Third Wave has designed all our houses and cities. It’s not just a prophetic revival. It’s a roman pencil. Third Wave started in the 80’s and the two biggest names were Anaheim (LA/California) and Kansas City, but was already old in the heavenly spheres.

I got a vision of robotic bride-spirits programmed by artificial intelligence being prepared to be sent to earth to capture the prophets. This was what 3d wave was all about. To get rid of it we need to start the swine hunt. In a vision I saw a tall letter to Kansas City from some sort of demon, saying that all three waves were theirs, and it was a whole list of possessions, like a legacy. Kansas City became the charismatic Vatican. Sure the Lord infiltrated there.

It’s an old Bond trick : take the suits of the enemy and infiltrate to erase the enemy’s code. Also the indians use this strategy in their hunt. They take the skins of their prey, infiltrate among them to take some more. This is what a prophet is in the heavenlies : a spy, a chameleon. He is a warrior and a hunter knowing all about camouflage. He is a strategist.

All in all : the 3d wave is just another tilted Las Vegas slot machine.

3d wave is a power holding the frame of this world with all it’s breedings and butcheries. It is because we avoided spiritual warfare in the soul. It’s not about the mind, but it’s about the soul. It’s about easter. Neither spiritual materialism is the answer. Forget about hearing voices and seeing visions, having miracles and blessings, forget about it. Remember Jesus at the cross, separated from the father. Remember His fears, His grief. He didn’t hear the voices of angels at that time and didn’t get any sensuous comfort of the father. He was alone, and all he could sense was pain, and he gave the spirit to his fathers hands. Even the last thing he had, the spirit, he gave away, and entered the realm of the soul, easter. Here he found death, the underworld, and descended to hell. Do we want to follow Jesus ? Follow him there, where he still hangs. Day by day he get crucified there, because we don’t realize that our sins are his nails.

Easter, shutting up, even shutting up in spirit, means more than being prophetic. We first need to be silent, like Mary, sitting at the feet of the crucified Jesus. Suffer with him, don’t complain when you don’t hear anything. Stop being so overspiritual, sending up your routine prayers. God doesn’t care about them. He wants us to give our overpossessed spirits to him, and enter easter. God doesn’t want bla bla. The prayer movement is one of the most demonic movements of all time. It’s a lie. God wants us to shut up, and be silent. God didn’t call us to pray, which is the Martha ministry. Martha’s are the overpraying tilted las vegas machines, overpossessed by spiritual materialism. It isn’t about words. Words aren’t anything. It’s about Easter, to be there with Jesus.

I bet you can come up with a hundred bible verses about prayer now, but they don’t mean anything to God. You can also quote scriptures about worshipping the Lord, but God don’t want to hear them. People abuse the scriptures these days, rather than doing research in the groundtext what it is really saying. You want to hear ? True prayer is to go into the grave, to cover yourself with ashes.

Prayer ministry is a hoax, just another excuse of not living in silence with the crucified Jesus. Take an example of the animals. Take an example of the trees and the flowers. The flesh wants to pray. The flesh wants to bother God day and night all for nothing. But true prophets let themselves being crucified with Jesus.

I have never liked prayer, it’s one of the worst mistranslated word in the scriptures. Prophets don’t like prayer. They are no fools. If they speak with God, it is through the mysteries, through easter.

I never pray. I work, I suffer, I command.

Prayer is for young people. They should grow up. Talking Gods ears off doesn’t bring you closer to him. It can give spirits of false satisfaction, spirits of pride. ‘I have prayed four hours long, yesterday,’ someone once said to me. So what ? All pharisees do, and even more than you. Make a difference. The world doesn’t need more pharisees. Where are those who suffer with Jesus, who are silent before the Lord ? If you pray, and God wants to say something, you will not hear it because of your prayer business. And here comes the key sentence : Only God Himself is allowed to pray through us. He is the Lord of Prayer.

God is looking for Mary’s in these days, not to fill them with old hymns and old traditional prayers, for the Lord is sick of them. No, He wants to pour the chameleon out in them. He wants to make them creative.

We do not need more prayer ministers, we do not need more worshippers. They make God sick. We don’t need more prophets, we need those who are crucified with Jesus, those with mystery.

Prayer and worship seem to be a new trend these years. They call it the apostolic movement. Well, it’s the revival of Greece, the goat falling out of the heavens, building it’s throne on earth. It is the flesh. Prayer is a peacock spirit, showing it’s feathers. It is a spirit of pride. Same it is with worship. Who needs it ? Only easter can make a difference.

Of course you can talk to God, but it is more important to have the fear of the Lord, a Damascus experience. The apostolic movement of prayer and worship is a dangerous movement wanting church to govern earth again like in the days of the romans. Peacock-spirits of prayer and worship are sent out to enslave the prophets to work in flesh office. They want to build a new world order. Plant a guard for your mouth, for when you let a false spirit or a hasty tongue pray through you you get blinded and bound. These spirits are subtily camouflaged by master tactics, so don’t think they won’t be able to do that to you. Fear the Lord and take your positions. Many prophets are already prayer-governers for the new world order without knowing it. They pray because of their fleshly desires, and think it is the Holy Spirit.

The only way to get rid of this is to go to the roman-protestant base of it all.

Easter is the base of true prophets. They have the Easter-Damascus base.

Also a huge spirit in 3d wave : a chameleon-rat, which can also turn into a peacock, a turkey and a black snake.

The huge Easter bat-angels are to take the third wave over. They will begin to take the 3d wave implants out.