Letters to the congregation Part 1 - Five heavy curses June 01, 1993
Churches are being thorn apart and leave behind bitter and irritated wrecks and it causes much mockery and slander by outsiders and gossip magazines!
We all make this Christian event into a ridicules matter and this is the reason why many people never will accept the truth. Isn’t it horrible? Those dividing walls make our Lord God and His Word ridicules!
Published and send to leaders of many Christian churches and congregation in the Netherlands in the year 1993/94. Yet, today still is relevant.

The five biggest and heaviest curses over the churches (of the Netherlands) Evangelical/Pentecostal and charismatic movements included !

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Lord has laid this burden on my heart to write this letter to different churches and congregations, while the time is short and the need in the world is huge.
Would you please consider reading this letter through prayer and by listening to the Spirit of the Lord not risking the chance to miss what the Lord has to say to the churches/congregations? He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said unto the churches.

Today we are living in very difficult times. Because of the sins of man and churches, many wandering spirits has found open ways to the heart of man and churches (Lam.14:22a & 5:22-23 & 2:7, Rom.7:11 & 11:7-10, Deut. 28:15-68, Hebr. 3:7-13, 2 Thess.2:11-12) Many bad spirits as wandering spirits has been thrown up over the land to disturb our unity and to keep us from our true calling!

Churches are being thorn apart and leave behind bitter and irritated wrecks and it causes much mockery and slander by outsiders and gossip magazines!
We all make this Christian event into a ridicules matter and this is the reason why many people never will accept the truth. Isn’t it horrible? Those dividing walls make our Lord God and His Word ridicules! The dividing walls created by the churches are causing a labyrinth for every one who is willing to believe and for the believers also! Many loose their way in it and many also die in it!

Dear people, we must wake up, because the devil is raging in the creation of the Lord.
He and his demons are tending day and night to destroy the whole world, including the churches/congregation by deceiving them en to suck them in sins. They do that well organized yed, systematically and in an efficient way with perfect balanced plans because they have thousands of years of experience. They are diligent without pause, because they are drilled and perfect specialized in their work!

But how about us? That is the question !

Jesus prayed in Joh. 17:17-21:
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.
20 Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;
21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. Only when we let us sanctify, cleanse and purify we will be a unity and than the world will wonder! We must start to humiliate us before God, so that Christ might be exalted in us. Let us admit brothers and sister: we al have gone astray! None of us is good!

God says in Isah.1:
The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib, but my people has no insight, no understanding. Woe this sinful nation, their whole head is ill. Stop bringing me your hypocrite sacrifices – to Me it is a horrible offering. I can bear your call for gathering, to me it is an unjust with festal gathering. I hate your feasts with my whole soul; they are a burden to me. I am tired of bearing them.

When we sin (deliberate or not), it comes from out heart says the Lord Jesus in Matth.15:18-19. Paul also speaks about our unfruitful works of the darkness in his letter to the Ephesians. In chapter five he says that we must unmask the works of the darkness, because they are done secretly (vs11-14). These are personalities we are facing. Chapter six handles about these personalities: evil spirits!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (6:12). We have to banish those idols out of our hearts and out of our lives (Ezech.14:4-6)
From the fall of man the darkness has found his way to the life of mankind.

They have infiltrated life of mankind.

Genesis 4:7 If you do not act properly, the sin lays as an enemy at the door, who’s desire goes out to you, though you have to rule over it! This is what the churches have neglected to do, with terrible consequences: those sinful powers of darkness have forced their way into the churches, the body of Christ, the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Thus says God in Isah.1:5-9:
Where do you want to be beaten more. The whole head is ill, the whole heart is full of sickness; from the sole of the foot to the scull, nothing is without blemish; wounds, stripes, fresh injuries which cannot be squeezed out, nor bind up or softened with oil. Your land is a wilderness and the daughter of Sion (the Christians) has been left in a hut in a vineyard as a hut for the night in a cucumber field, as a besieged city.

The whole of Christianity, the temple of the Holy Spirit, is full of idols (sinful powers/thieves), but we are so sick in our minds that we do not see it!! Everyone separately has to repent from every sin and must be delivered, healed and purified and sanctified in the name of Jesus Christ! (2 Corinth.6:16 & 7:1, 1 Pet.1:13-23).

Rom. 6 speaks of “the body of sin”, which began to grow in mankind, when Adam fell in sin! This so called body of sin exist out of sinful spirits/evil spirits, which lives in us, Gods Temple. It is the construction of idols in our lives, which tries to hinder our honest spiritual walk in God.

These are the enemies in the Promised Land, with al their descendants and possessions we have to cast it out and destroy it. When we forsake to act as God has ordered and permit the adversary to stay and conclude a alliance with him, the remnant of the evil will become a snare to us and will cause us to leave the this promise land (The Kingdom of God)!! (read Joz.23 & 24, 1 Kor.10:1-21, Luc14:25-35, Hebr10:26-31 & 12:14, 1 Joh3:5-10, Deut.7 Kol3:5-6. Joh5:14 & 9:31.)

Jesus cannot grow in us enough, because the body of sin has too much space in our lives. Yes, dear brothers and sisters, even sins we are not conscious of, hinders Him to work in our lives! (Deut.7:20-23, Heb 9:14, 1 Kor.12:1-12) whether we have caught the thief or not. One thing is sure: we are a city under siege; there are idols in the temple; we are in deep trouble!

We often shout: “devil go away in Jesus Name” and in moments like this we act more like blindfolded policeman, who drive like crazy, shooting around without knowing where the thieves are( Preacher 9:13-18). We have to expose them, discern it. Where no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy he (proverbs 29:18, Hos.:6, Ish.56:9-10)

We have to know:

1. who those thieves are
2. where the thieves are
3. what they have stolen/gender/banished “how” we can get everything back in order again.

I am so happy that the Lord has given us a list with names of principalities of darkness in order to help us recognize and expel the powers of darkness so we might cleanse ourselves thoroughly from these powers of darkness. We have to call those powers by their names in order to break their hellish influences as thieves who are caught in act and expose them by calling each of their names and addresses.

In this matter the Prophetic ministry is indispensable. Mercy is brought by the revelation of Jesus Christ! 1 Pet.1:12, 2 Kor.14:3,12,24,26,31, 1 Samuel 10:6. The Body of Jesus Christ has to be built up through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is our tool to built with. A body without the spiritual gifts of the Spirit is like a garage without tools!

Today we are living in a world full of curses (caused by the fall of man when Adam sinned against God); Sinn rules in and through lives of man. When we come to Jesus and lay our lives by faith in His precious hands, we may know that He has bought us with His precious blood and has delivered us from the curse, by becoming a curse! (gal.3:13) But our faith in Jesus is not a magic wand! We have to learn to obey by walking in faith, because faith is the engine which brings fort obedience and obedience is necessary because we really have to break the curses in Jesus Name and cleanse ourselves from it! It is written that our faith without works is dead! (Jac.2:14-26, Filip.2:12-16. Joh.1:12-12, Rom 1:5 & 16:26) For example: when you have got the key of your new house it is not obvious that your can enter the house without using the key. No, you have to open the door with the key to step into your new home!

Let us banish and destroy COMPLETELY the remnant of the house of sins, so that we might receive a COMPLETELY new house of abundant life, full of the Spirit of God and with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit! A Christian nation as The Netherlands lives under a lot of curses; let us break them in Jesus name! But first, let us start with ourselves; we have first to be freed from these sins, while we have sinned as our ancestors also have done it before us.

Down here you can find a prophetic table with the five biggest and most severe curses which rules over the ecclesiastical Netherlands; this is what the Lord has shown me:

1. The curse of dryness
Jeremia 17:5-6
Function of the curse: dry/ bald/ blindly mental/spiritual life
Cause of the curse/sin: Listening to what human flesh says in stead of listening what God has to say; traditions/ institutions).
Pride because of its own accomplishment
diplomas/ titles

2.The curse of tap
Jeremia 48:10-13
Function of the curse: Loss of certain fruits/ gifts of the Holy Spirit and loss of certain blessings
Cause of the curse/sin: Tepidity/ prayerlessness, negligence of the Works of the Lord

3. The curse of humiliation
Mattheus 23:12a, 1 Timotheus 3:6
Function of the curse: judgment: humiliation (somewhere and somehow this curse will manifest itself!)
Cause of the curse/sin: Pride/bumptiousness/ (one think higher of himself/thinking being a better person than others Contemptment / despising others, thinking less of other people/ manipulation/ spirit of control

4. The curse of perdition
1 Korinth. 10:10, Jac. 5:9, 1 Joh. 2:11
Function of the curse: judgment: perdition (somewhere and somehow this curse will manifest itself!)
blinded/ darkness
Cause of the curse/sin: Irritation/ cold & chilliness/ without love/bitterness, Unable to forgive/ unfriendliness, harsh/ cruelty/ hate etc.

5. The curse of a trap
Proverbs 29:25a, Galatians 1:10, Acts 12:21-23
Function of the curse: confusion/ blindness/ corrupt/ death/ loss of the Holy Spirit
Cause of the curse/sin: ambition/ fear of men. (wanted to be noticed by others and runs along with spiritual dead people, wants to please men more than God. pharisaic/pedant.

How do we settle with those curses ?
  1. Repent and humiliate before God(Jacob 4:10; Proverbs 28:13).
  2. Confession of guilt and humiliation before other persons we might have caused damage/ to elders/ confidants (Matthew 5: 23-24; 1 Peter 5:5; Jacob 6:16).

  3. Repentance of guilt from ancestors and radical repentance of sins (Nehemiah 1: 6-11).
  4. To break the curses and cast it out in Jesus name (Jacob 4:7; Kolos 3:5-6; Lucas 10:19; Matthew 16:19; Marcus 16:17: it also belongs to the mission; Johannes 14:12-14).
  5. Cast out their activities/Works/descendants/ poison/ the remnant (Kolos 3:9b; Rom13:12) (do not let remain anything from the adversary/the devil, nothing that breaths: Joshua 11:6-15; Psalm 37:38).
  6. Pray for healing of wounds and wrinkles. (Marc 16:18b; Jeremia 30:17).
  7. Give thanks to the Lord for everything, read His words and be filled with the Holy Spirit and His blessings (Ephesians 4:23-24; Kolos.3:10-17; 2 Timothy 3:14-17).

With kind regards,

Br. T.J. Strijker

Thanks to Vorsertje from the IHAO Community for translating this article from Dutch to English.