The Genesis I-III Bomb Part 3 - Genesis III June 06, 2007
3 : 1. And the generation of sorcerers started to trade because of the troops and appetites, the revival of maintenance, and the forming of communities and communications which had been bruised by the descending wheels, and they challenged those of the flowers saying : Did the wheels certify you not to wage war at the fences of the garden of the bride ? 2. And the flower with the flowers said unto the sorcerors with their whispering spells : We wage war in all directories of the fence of the garden of the bride. 3. And not at the fence in the midst of the garden because the wheels forbade. We aren’t even allowed to touch it. We aren’t allowed to strike that fence, for then we die. We aren’t allowed to break that yoke, neither to lay hands on it. Neither shall we lay there with a woman. 4. And the sorcerers spoke to the flower and the flowers : You won’t die. 5. Because the wheels know that whenever you fight there, the fountain of favour will be opened, the outward world, and you will be like the wheels knowing and holding the secrets of pleasure and grief. 6. And by a vision the flower and many flowers saw that the fence was full of meat, and it filled their hearts with drunkenness, and they desired the fountain of favour. And they wanted to go to it’s carpenter to make a deal. The flower with many flowers took the direction and ate from the meat, and also cast to the others who wanted, and they ate from the meat as well. 7. And the fountain of favour was of both sides, and they had conquered the outward world. And they knew that they were naked. And they sewed leaves and branches together and made themselves girdles. 8. And they heard the cry of the descending wheels and they heard their thunder and their songs moving in the garden of the bride in a whirlwind of time. And the man and the tribes together with their flowers hid themselves from the anger of the descending wheels and their faces, and they hid in the midst of the fenced garden of the bride, in the midnight. 9. And the descending wheels cried unto the red man and the red tribes and he thought in his mind : where are you ? 10. And the red man of the red tribes said : I heard your yelling in the garden of the bride, and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself. 11. And he said : who told you you are naked. Did you eat from the meat at the fence of which I had commanded not to eat meat from, not to wage war at ? 12. And the red man said : the flower who you restored and sent to me opened the fence, and I waged war. 13. And the descending wheels spoke to the flower : What did you bruise ? And the flower said : The sorcerer, the whisperer of magical spells seduced me, and I waged war. And it was the weak part of the man. 14. And the descending wheels challenged the sorcerer and said : Because you have bruised this, you are bitterly cursed, by all the cattle, beasts, by all those who are half human and half animal and by all the muted ones. You are bitterly cursed by all the troops of the fields. You shall follow your belly, and you will eat rubbish, ashes and sand, and fight in all eternities with your troops. And this will be your appetite, and it will be held in maintenance. 15. And I will put hate between you and between the flowers, and between your carnal children. And it shall bruise your chief and you shall bruise his step and his rest. 16. And to the flower he spoke : I will send the archer to you to bring you into labour and to enlarge your nightmare. You will branch off to stretch to your roots and it will rule in you, incurable as you are. And you will bring forth strangers, rebels and reavers, appointed to be arrows. They will be the sparks of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Greece. They will be the builders of the nations, and they will be their stars. 17. And to the red man he said : Because you have listened to the voice and the lightness of your flower and to it’s songs, because you have followed it’s fame, and descended with it in it’s noise to wage war at the fence of which I commanded not, the red land has been bitterly cursed for your sake. You will wage war on it in all eternities together with your troops. And this will be your appetite, and it will be held in maintenance. It shall bring forth thornbushes and thistles, and all pricking things where you will spend your summers, and where you will have your harvest, all in the land of drought. And it will grow abundantly like a hairy land. And you will wage war in it’s fields, where the tenderness dwells, and those who are wild and intoxicated. 18. In the sweat of your seat of wrath you shall eat from meat by your victory until you lie down on the red land again for you went out from it, for rubbish you are, and it’s rubbish you build, which you always obey, for it is rubbish for which you will do anything, and on which you will always lie down, the wheel of rubbish. On it’s cycle you always come again. And it is rubbish which you restore. You lay it down, you send it, you take it back, and you pervert it. You rescue it, you pull it in, you feed it, and you reward it. It’s rubbish what you need, and it’s rubbish what you call. It’s rubbish what you consider. 19. And the red man cried unto the base of his flower, which was the show and the storyteller, the directory and parting of all congregations of wild beasts. 20. And to the red man and the red tribes and their flowers the descending wheels made coverings of leathers and skins and armed them. 21. And the descending wheels thought : Behold, the red man and the red tribes have become like us knowing the secrets of intoxication, of pleasure and grief. They have become cunning like us, advising and ascertaining by seeing. They have understanding like us. And now let them not cast his hand to stretch out to seize the fence of wild beasts and appetites to burn it in slaughter to enter and restore the eternities. Let them not enter through the veils of the vanishing point. Let them not win. Let them not use and yield it. 22. And the descending wheels cast them out of the fenced garden of the bride to serve the red land from which they had been taken. 23. And they thrust the red man out at the eastside of the fenced garden of the bride in the land of pleasure where they let imaginary figures dwell and lie down. And they lodged guardians of the land of pleasure. And there was a drought of magick and perversion to hedge about the fence of wild beasts and appetite by thorns, also to hedge about the insides of the fence and it’s communications. And the imaginary figures, who were the guards of the land of pleasure, had magical tools and magical weapons : knives, axes, swords, daggers and mattocks, all objects of enchantment.