Prophesy, The Prophetic etc Part 3 - The Origins of Our Teaching May 27, 2008
Translated from Dutch - April, 2000

Our network consists of various prophetic, apostolic and judiciary ministries. These persons know one another very well and are attuned to each other in cooperation. What each person does is defined by his or her different gifts and anointings.
Together we come forward to help people, but also to warn them. The people inside the team teach one another so one becomes the teacher (master) and the other becomes the apprentice. On the other hand ,the teacher is still an apprentice because he has a teacher and, the apprentice is also a teacher because he on his turn has pupils. There is nothing magical about this although the same measures applied in the occult world.

Many laws, essentials and principles we see in this world are simply copied, stolen from the kingdom of God. The devil did not come with these things.

The beauty of it is you will never stop learning and that,s why the true master always keeps the heart of the apprentice and he will always stay humble in that area and never think he knows it al.

You can only go from apprentice to master when you are tested in the area you have been taught and when you have gained sufficient insight in the matter. At that time you may put yourself as a master in that area and pass the knowledge on to others.

Now, where do we get our information/ knowledge? The answer to this question will be divided in a few point along with some explanation.

A. I can say: "from the bible" but I won,t. No, I will say: "out of received insight in the bible". The Spirit of God has to make the Word living, without that the word is dead and will only bring forth false doctrine. When Gods Spirit has inspired the bible He also should be the one to give us the proper explanation. Let us not do these things on our own.

There are distinct levels in the bible and in bible scriptures and passages. God can show a person certain things in the bible that won,t be seen by another person for five or ten years. Thats because we are all on a certain spiritual level of growth which includes some people see more and have gained more insight than other people. We can be blind and have closed eyes, or our eyes have been opened by God receiving light on a certain matter.

Still however we aught to be very careful with all this and we should not think to fast we have received the right insight

When been given a certain insight we still aught to be very careful and aught to stay very careful whether or not the given insight is true or false. Always keep testing, that,s the way to true insight and discernment.

B. Point A is the fundament on which we will continue to build. It brings us to revelation: the gifts of the holy Spirit depicted in 1 Corinthians 12 and also in other bible passages.

to be continued...