Spiritual Laws and Principles Part 1 - Pain Recycling April 17, 2000
A handbook for a balanced healing ministry with user-directions for pains, spiritual clocks, exorcism, sickness translation, pain-mapping etc.
A handbook for a balanced healing ministry


Chapter 5. EXORCISM



Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a real pain, or when you are lucky even more pains. As you know pains are possibilities, filled with precious presents. A pain is your own Santa Clause coming to you. Pains are strange languages and we can be really upset about it, but read this translation, learn the language of pain and you will see that it’s a real LOVE-LETTER to you. Pains includes ingredients to make that big chocalate-cake you like so much. Also YOU are able to bake that by transforming your pains. Well, well, here we are, so pains are our friends, masked angels from heaven coming to you .. actually pains are the vehicles in which they come to you. Do you know that problems are treasure-islands, but as always with treasures:.you have to discover them and being aware of the dangers ..

Remember this :

1. Pains connect us with others in pains, so you can understand them better and help them better and also they can be a blessing to you. Pains are the translators between lives and that binds us together as all parts of the body.

2. Pains are the pauses we need in live to rest actually it is the base in which angels can operate you.

3. Pains call upon the opposites of the problems, it calls upon inner wisdom and our will-powers .. it drives us to angelic support. Pains are our trainers.

4. Pains are warnings that will protect us. And there is so much more in it pains are our teachers, every pain includes a lesson. Pains are our schoolbooks . So we got to go for PAIN-READING.


There are also different sorts of pains :

1. FEARS They are there to make you careful, in caution, and let you focus on the details, the little things in life for which we can be grateful and in which we can find piece again. Fears are the carriages to dwarf-land.

2. CONFUSIONS When we are looking for new horizons, new things will appear in our lives which we don’t really know already, we feel ignorant .. but that’s good, it’s an indication that you are puzzling that new LEGO-SHIP. It means you are really a HARD WORKER and a good student. People who think they know everything and live without doubts are mislead truants, they killed the teachers and burnt the school. So doubts and confusions are encouragements and certificates. You just went to a higher class, facing the new mathematics-books, and you are a bit dizzy of that so don’t worry, you just shaked hands with the new teacher.

3. HASTE Unrest, being in high speed, will let you crash your head, and that wound will be transformed into a borderline, a protecting wall for the rest of your live. It is the BRAKE that gives you the authority to slow down and stay calm.

4. JEALOUSY Divorcement and rejection throw us back to ourselves and let us discover our own inner treasures . This is a way to become a friend with yourself.


Hello, cum in, take a seat, the Cook of Life cooked good food for you, look to your plate. Maybe you will see one of His specialities : Fear-Banana’s Fear for people, fear for hurt, God knows this, angels know this. They have the same things. Why ? Cuz people can be very dangerous. This is a dangerous world, that’s why God and angels are far away, in a distance. God is like a dove, He’s very sensitive. When we do evil things, we hurt Him. God can be hurt. God has emotions, just like human beings, He is personal, He is a person, He can laugh and He can cry. He made humanity in his image. So we can look to people and then we can see a piece of God. And God cannot accept evil, that’s why He created walls between Him and humanity, between paradise and evil. But society teaches us to put down the walls and to open ourselves, but that’s a lie. Then people can hurt you again and again. We gotto build the walls like God did, fear is our protection, fear is our alarm-system. We got to love our fears, cuz they are our TESTING-SYSTEMS !!!!
Imagine that ! Fears are gifts from God, He shows us HIS FEARS. When we have fears we are in full contact with God Himself. This is reality !! This is down to earth. People without fears are stupid and dangerous. Fears are signals of love, when you are in fear about yourself, you are in love with yourself. The signal of self-hate isn’t fear but indifference. Fears are Cares, fears are Cures. Fears create room between people, room to be careful with eachother. Only fears will teach you discipline and discipline is the way to tenderness. Indifference and fearlessness will never produce tenderness, but only overdrive and accidents. Fears produce respect and the healthy distance to overview and analyze things. Fears are the vehicles to fly away from evil and to reach safety, the hidden place, the shelter.


Rejection works together with fear. Fear produces rejection, but try to discern the love-line in it. Don’t look so negative to these emotions. Be grateful. When you reject persons you can do this with love. Real love knows when and how to say : NO !! Real love can close the door for awhile, real love can fly away and let go. This world is ruled by MANIPULATION, so don’t be scared to REJECT, don’t be scared to say : NO !! Otherwise you will be a puppet of this world. God has to reject overdriven people, people who hurt each other. But we have to learn to reject all things for awhile to come to ourselves, to make our own choices and to test all things. That’s real love : Real love rejects to test things first. When you really love someone you test that person, and you don’t show him/her your deepest secrets in the beginning. Cuz then that person will feel cheap about him/herself. Give them respect, don’t force relationships, don’t push. Give things time. Let them fight for you, and when you give them more intimity after the test, then they feel special about themselves. The power of Ice is the power of Love. It’s not wrong to be warm and open, but guard your pearls and know what you are doing. So when you feel rejection, you feel God, and when you reach something with Him, you will feel really special about yourself. And then you will respect it more. This is a spiritual law : you are more proud of the things you worked harder for. Remember this.


And then the souls, they come to you : frightened and rejected souls, rejecting friends. They all come to you when you learned something about pain-translating. Let me tell you this : it’s getting busy, all sorts of pains, wounded souls show up : ready to get accepted and transformed by you. All that hurt parts of yourself are glad now that they can come up to the surface of your life, ready to be loved by you. They are part of the plan.

Remind this, meditate on this, this should be a compliment to you :

INCREASING OF FEAR AND REJECTION is a signal that you are a mother or father, that you opened your heart to the wounded. Now then it’s important to open your heart also for the newcomers, the new fears and rejections. You are the factory. If the factory works good, then the materials show up and you can use them to make your products. Actually your inner childs come to the surface, they are full of fears and rejections, but not about you anymore. Now they trust you and they give themselves to you. Embrace them, then you will lighten their pains and so your own pains will be lightened. Comfort them, and you will be comforted. Speak to your pains as your own inner childs, as your other parts. Speak to them, say : I accept you, give me your pain. And the miracle of healing can be experienced in the embracing of the sickness, the embracing of the hammer, cuz when you embrace the hammer, when you hold on to the stick, it hasn’t room for hitting you. Remember this : when we push away the sticks in our lives, it has more and more power to hit us and strike us down.

The Clock of the Cook

All sticks, all problems have a clock inside. And in that clock there’s written how much time that problem need to be upon us to reach the purpose. When we push away the pain before it’s time, we destroy the purpose, we loose the treasure. So respect the clock in the problem. Respect the problems. The Cook of Life will never give you too much and never too little. He never comes too late and never too early. Always in the right size and the right time, always. Respect Life, respect God.

The News-Magazine of the Cook

Okay, when we discover that we are all parts of eachother, we will learn that experiencing pain is experiencing reality, experiencing others, and then we have our own personal news-reporter. Pains are news-reporters, connecting us with others . Don’t kick them out .LISTEN TO THEM, they are trying to tell us something. When we want to be in shape, we have to give all our good feelings, thoughts and things to others, cuz they are all parts of us then we build up a good spiritual blood-circulation, and then we understand that giving = getting. We will only get what we loose. That’s the way of life. Look to the seed in the ground. So when we want to have good thoughts about ourselves, you first have to give them to others. Real happiness is giving away your happiness to others. That’s the right-minded-energy. Hapiness is the experience that others are happy. Don’t be afraid to give your life away, that’s the greatest Love of all. When you feel rejected, you just gave away your acceptance. So this is a compliment, encouragement : a thank you from others they showed you their rejected feelings it’s a signal of trust, a signal of friendship they showed you their hurt. When you feel unrest, you just gave away your rest. It’s a signal of gratefulness of the souls that received your given rest they show you their feelings accept them. This Love will be stronger than all destruction, and will keep you safe forever. Translation will build that bridge.


Well, there’s a lot to tell about that. As in natural there are seasons in spiritual and that’s why we need to be very careful in giving people stuff. We got to know what they really need, in which season they are. Some people are not ready for healing, they first need to be in winter, to be cleaned, to learn a lesson. First we got to know about accepting our pains as gifts from God. Then after that there are enemies which we can destroy by healing and exorcism. It’s like the trees who first need to grow underground and then they are able to grow up in the air very firm and with a lot of fruits, so we learned to discern two seasons in handling pain : first accept pain, then when you reached the present in it, kill the peels. It’s like eating banana’s or nuts. We call it : pain-reading, or pain-translating.
Exorcism and Healing have to be used very disciplined and balanced on a base of a lot of conditions planted in a lot of different spiritual clocks. So card-books are needed, spiritual technology to put things in order. Natural is an indication to spiritual, so what we see on earth comes from the spiritual world. And we learned to make things automatic, and in that there is a place to be in rest, like spiritual robotics, making spiritual cyborgs of people who chose to be guided and programmed by higher laws. Then we are disciplined in Gods Creation.


First loading up our weapons by REAL LOVE :accepting the pains, the wounded souls, in our heart. Second when the weapons are loaded, SHOOT THE ENEMY. Do it specific one by one, name them : discern the spirits.

Chapter 5. EXORCISM

I will give you some basic-steps in excorcism :

1. name them specific, all emotions and attitudes can be evil spirits

2. which wrong attitude/ emotion is the strongest in your life or the life you pray for, speak to that and break it. it can be the head of a evil-spirits-group. demons work in groups, so you got to discern the leaders of the groups to fight more effectively.

3. cut down the connections between demons specific, speak it out, name it .... then they cannot help eachother anymore. i saw a lot of breakthroughs in deliverances based on this principle. build walls between the demons.

4. force them to confess that they are lost, that God is the Boss, that the Good ones are the overcomers, that they doesn't have grip on you anymore, let them confess, COMMAND THEM ....after that you can say to them : BY THIS TESTIMONY YOU DID, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THIS BODY, COME OUT !!!!

5. proclaiming all the powers of God coming over them to destroy them. 6. send them to the spiritual prisonments, send them to the pit, to go far away from you, and ask and tell angels to bring them to that. USE THE ANGELS POSITIVELY, THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOUR WORDS !!!!!!!


1. repeating in exorcism is very important, like building the house stone by stone, and like shooting more bullets to reach the goal.

2. using your faith is very important, because otherwise they can wrestle with you more than necessary. faith means : believe that God gives you the authority, believe that they are not stronger than you, believe that they are gone ,,,always asking God when and how to use the weapons of faith.

3. use the Word of God as a foundation for exorcism, one Bible-Verse can be the key for a deliverance. the truth makes free. be renewed by the renewing of your thinking.

4. use the opposite of the problem. for example : when there's a spirit of hate, use love as a weapon. when there is a spirit of uncleaness, use cleaness as your weapon. raise opposite shields, build opposite walls. we can only destroy the darkness by the weapons of light.

5. delivering a person from evil spirits can only function when the person is willing/ open hearted, otherwise you can cast out a million spirits, but they won't go then.

6. it has to be in Gods Time, cuz sometimes people have to learn patience/ a lesson. sometimes the evil spirits have to stay for awhile for a higher purpose. remember the apostle Paul, who had a thorn in his flesh, a servant of satan that hit him with fists. when the calling of exorcism lays on your life, you have to meet a lot of dark angels, like Daniel did. then it's actually not an attack, but gaining pure information, and forcing some celestial doors.

7. ask for the gift of discernment to escape the blind-fist-fighter-level.



A message is showing up in our body, trying to tell us something. We run to the healer and push it away. We smile again, and going on living at the surface, with our ears closed. But the rubbish-bin is getting fuller and fuller, and the pressure is getting bigger and one time it will explode.
We all wanna take the wounded and poor in our hearts, do you know that they usually come thru pains, that they try to tell you something, giving us their signals, showing us their wounds ?? But we smash them all away. Listen to your pains, talk to them. Your body is the medium for them, your body is being filled already !!!
Let go !!!!!!!! Don’t block your body-talk anymore, talk to your body, listen to him/her, don’t ignore. Am I telling you that you may not care or cure your body anymore ?? Am i telling you that healers are bad ?? No, not at all, far from that !! But there are steps in healing, conditions, clocks, and we gotto watch that. Love all seasons of your body, and you will find rest again, true peace. Don’t act silly with your body, don’t manipulate it, it’s a gift from God, and we gotto read His User-Directions.

CANCER-TRANSLATION Cancer indicates to spiritual cancer, there can be a lot of indications : When someone has cancer there are cells eating other cells, which can cause tumors and all kinds of disfunctions. This is vampirism in the body, showing us the vampirism in others, ourselves or the world. That there is no good dividing. One’s dead is the others bread.

AIDS-TRANSLATION When there’s aids, this means an attack at the anti-body, the white bloodcells. Aids virusses EAT the immune-systems. This indicates to spiritual fightlessness or helplessness, ignorence, lack of knowledge in the world, in the other, or in ourselves. That we also need to fight evil, not only the surface-love-things. When a lion is attacking our children, we can caress them and saying ‘i love you’ the whole time, but that won’t help them. You gotta raise your fists and kick that thing out of the universe.

LUKMIA-TRANSLATION Lukmia ?????????? It’s a disorder in the immune-system, the anti-bodies are becoming bigger and attack themselves, it’s a total confusion in the immune-system they are attacking the good parts.they are wrongly coded.it’s a mean form of overreactiveness. This is teaching us we gotto calm down and stop attacking others. We gotto build instead of destroy. Not only using our weapons, but also a tool, ..world-wide lukmia is crying for balance.
let not anyone say that sick people are bad inside or deserving it because they have to learn a lesson. WE, OURSELVES, have to learn a lesson, and they are often just GREAT AND BRAVE WORLD-MESSENGERS.


We gotta make maps of the pains, to control them. Pain-factories have to be build to transform our problems. Problems are our factory-materials, waiting to be used. When you are being stung by a problem, be glad then, cuz it makes you sensitive. God is opening a hidden source in you then. so raise the stung part up and let it be stung again. When somebody hit your right cheek, turn your left cheek also to him. By these principles we make the enemy totally speechless one day. The enemy is Papa’s tool, Papa’s discipline, and we can only control it one day by accepting that and inviting that. I’m reading an awsome book about nature now, and it sais that every attack of nature makes new hormones and anti-bodies to raise up..it’s the making of a new immune-system it talks about that in animal life, the lives of trees, etcetera. God knows how many and what kinda stings we need to produce the hormones and the anti-bodies we need. God has the scheme’s for that. Pressures and bindings in our life are very important for DEVELOPMENT. God knows how heavy the pressure must be to bring up the systems we need they are all locked up in our brains and nerves. Every pain in our life has a mission, and we have to discover that. Making maps, spiritual maps, to rule the spiritual world. God has made us to be kings and queens. One of my spiritual moms said that being angry is an emotion from nature, that it produces necessary hormones in our kidneys to clean the body, and that’s so true. We throw away and condemn so many necessary emotions. So we block our body-systems by that. There are two sorts of angryness : unrighteous, egoistic angryness and righteous, lovefull angryness. All things in the world are ruled by spiritual laws. We are all robots, willing or unwilling, programmed by evil or by God. Which side do you choose ?? Nature has to kick you until you are hard as stone ,,,,,that’s the training program, cuz the battle will be very hard. Be grateful to the hits you get now, cuz that will give you the armor for the future. People who know me, know that I’m not a good-weather-prophet, far from that ,,,,I’m also not a bad weather prophet, but I’m only registrating the weather, just being very realistic. I wrote a lot of articles about pain-translating, cuz that’s what we miss today. I warn for today’s healing-ministries a lot, cuz they usually abort pains immediately. And then we miss the presents of pain. Do we realize that our problems consecrate us into the Higher Temples of Life ??? Do we realize that our pains are our priest-suits ??? Life is a ritual, which takes us from baptizement to baptizement. Life is Holy, a pain is Holy, and God will ask each and every one of us what we did with the crosses He gave to us, what we did when the wounded lamb showed up in our lives. A blessing can be stolen from others, and then it’s actually a false blessing vampirism. A blessing can be a wolf in sheepclothes, if you threw the clock of life in the pit, if you didn’t have the patience. Oh, the devil will come, when we don’t want to be disciplined, when we don’t want to be trained to win the game. He can give us all His stolen presents, and you can be the king of a kingdom which is built on the bodies of your murdered brothers and sisters. Be very careful with the energies you breath in, says the Lord, cuz it can be intended for someone else. Be aware of spiritual thieving. Do you know the mechanism of vampirism ?? I will tell you : this world is built on it. One’s death is the others bread. But these stolen presents will explode one day as soapbubbles.

Chapter 8. - About Prophesy - Testing And Interpretation

Prophesy means : receiving from God, communicate with God. You can receive prophesy for yourself, but also for another. By prophesy you can come closer to God, and to the other. You can see prophesy as the thread that binds together. That’s why it’s so important to receive true prophesy, cuz false prophesy creates disturbances and that can be a big accident. Satan sends to all people that are open for prophesy spirits of falseness and misleading. Everyone who goes on with God has to conquer these spirits. These 2 spirits have armies of demons and they cover humanity, that’s why there are so many disagreements and wars. They let us backbite against eachother. Be careful with each impression you get. Question the impressions ,,,, ask about their identity. Don’t trust so-called prophesies or words of God too fast. Test it. call upon the power and wisdom of God and throw it over the experience and try to sense what happens then. Ask God to teach you in testing.
When we are starting to test, we have to deal with two new spirits : false discernment and false testing. So test your testing. Question the testing spirit in you, and look if he is from God or not. We call this : depth-discernment. There are a lot of ways to test, and you have to combine them all, to decrease the level of misleading :

1. FIRE-TESTING : take the thought you want to test, and ask God to come with his fire over it. imagine as strong as you can a blanket of fire around it ,,, then look what happens.

2. ICE-TESTING : misleading spirits always work together, so first you have to isolate the things you want to test and do it step by step, one by one. Surround the experience you want to test in ice, so that evil spirits cannot supply it anymore, and so that they cannot influence the testing. Surround yourself with ice too, so that you are not influenced by the desires of others. Some of the prophesies, angelic words, are nothing but manipulation. Don’t be afraid to say : i don’t know, when someone is asking you for angelic advise ,,, don’t strive after honour of people, cuz that’s a pitfall in prophesy, and that can result in misleading.

3. HEART-TESTING : Push the thing you want to test closer and closer to your heart, standing firm on the assurance that God is in your heart ,,,,, what do you feel ,,,, does it fit, do you feel comfortable with it, or ,,,,,

4. OUTWORK-TESTING : Ask yourself these questions :

- Does the experience bring you and others closer to God ??
- Would God be happy with it ??
- Would it glorify God, or yourself ??
- Is the experience holy, or does it give a place to evil ??

When you discover that it’s a true gift you received from God, then you gotto be careful again, because you gotto do the third step : TRUE INTERPRETATION. Ask for the gift of interpretation. Spirits of false interpretation must be conquered ,,, false explanation ,,, so be careful, sometimes it’s not what you think. Talking to God takes time ,,, cuz He speaks another language than you ,,,, ask for the interpreter.

Chapter 9. - Golden Questions

When we are sure we received a message from God about an event, then it’s good to ask these questions :

-Is it in the spiritual world or in the natural world ?
-Does this speak about the future, the past, or about now ?
-Is it literal or symbolic ?