Prophesy, The Prophetic etc Part 1 - About prophesy, testing and interpretation May 01, 2000

Some basics dangers and keys for testing !


Prophesy means : receiving from God, communicate with God. U can receive prophesy for yourself, but also for another. By prophesy you can come closer to God, and to the other. You can see prophesy as the thread that
binds together. That’s why it’s so important to receive true prophesy, cuz false prophesy creates disturbances and that can be a big accident.

Satan sends to all people that are open for prophesy spirits of falseness and misleading. Everyone who goes on with God has to conquer these spirits. These 2 spirits have armies of demons and they cover humanity,
that’s why there are so many disagreements and wars. They let us backbite against eachother.

Be careful with each impression you get. Question the impressions ,,,, ask about their identity. Don’t trust so-called prophesies or words of God too fast. Test it. call upon the power and wisdom of God and throw it
over the experience and try to sense what happens then. Ask God to teach you in testing. When we are starting to test, we have to deal with two new spirits : false discernment and false testing. So test your testing. Question the testing spirit in you, and look if he is from God or not. We call this : depth-discernment.

There are a lot of ways to test, and you have to combine them all, to decrease the level of misleading :

1. fire-testing:

Take the thought you want to test, and ask God to come with his fire over it. imagine as strong as you can a blanket of fire around it ,,, then look what happens.

2. ice-testing:

Misleading spirits always work together, so first you have to isolate the things you want to test and do it step by step, one by one. Surround the experience you want to test in ice, so that evil spirits cannot supply it anymore, and so that they cannot influence the testing. Surround yourself with ice too, so that you are not influenced by the desires of others. Some of the prophesies, angelic words, are nothing but manipulation. Don’t be afraid to say : i don’t know, when someone is asking you for angelic advise ,,, don’t strive after honour of people, cuz that’s a pitfall in prophesy, and that can result in misleading.

3. Heart-testing:

Push the thing you want to test closer and closer to your heart, standing firm on the assurance that God is in your heart ,,,,, what do you feel ,,,, does it fit, do you feel comfortable with it, or ,,,,,

4. Outwork-testing:

Ask yourself these questions : does the experience bring you and others closer to God ?? Would God be happy with it ?? Would it glorify God, or yourself ?? Is the experience holy, or does it give a place to evil ??

when you discover that it’s a true gift you received from God, then you gotto be careful again, because you gotto do the third step : TRUE INTERPRETATION. Ask for the gift of interpretation. Spirits of false interpretation must be conquered ,,, false explanation ,,, so be careful, sometimes it’s not what you think. Talking to God takes time ,,, cuz He speaks another language than you ,,,, ask for the interpreter.

H.T. Strijker,