Spiritual Traveling Part 1 - The Engine for Territorial Spiritual Warfare August 01, 1998
In this number:
The Necessity of Spiritual Travelling
A new reformation
The 7-Fold Ministry
Five Keys to open the sources of spirit-travelling
The works of the Churchparents
1. The Necessity of Spiritual Travelling

A subject where’s not much spoken about, but what’s oh so important in the church is the subject of spiritual travelling.
Just like the subject of territorial warfare this is something I have to address to the church. With this I’m building upon the work established long ago by the old prophets of God. Ezechiel made those journeys, even in a special vehicle which God gave for this (Ezech. 1). Paul knew someone who made such travels and John from the book of Revelations also had this gift of spiritual travelling. In the history of the church we see the name John Bunyan who made history with the book ‘The Pilgrims Progress’ (read online). On this I will build on, because we need this gift to escape when the elements will fall down. Okay, just like the gift of territorial warfare this gift is for saving our lives. I don’t write these books because I have nothing else to do. Don’t be silly about these things.

2. A new reformation

For territorial battle it’s important that we learn to travel spiritually. Through this gift we come into special levels where we can meet ruling spirit-creatures. Spiritual travelling is focussed on conditions, on inter-stations. Paul describes in one of his letters the journey that pilgrims have to make to the Holy of Holiness in the tabernacle.

It’s important that the ministry of preparation returns to the church, because without this we jump against big walls, or we come straight ahead in the misleadings of satan, who gives his candy before the gates of Calvary. Yes, you can now receive everything if you want, if you’re not willing to pay the price, the instant-gods ‘ll come to you.

At the end of the 80-years John Wimber brought the prophetic ministry back in Church. Now we are in the Apostolic Age, with apostles like Harold Eberle. But now God wants us to go to the Judges-Age to repair the TERRITORIAL GIFTS. You can read about it in the series ‘the battle against territorial powers.’
After that there is a new time of ministry for us, the time of the Church-fathers. God wants to give us new Churchfathers. The work of Maarten Luther must be completed. God wants to give a new reformation. Gods Church is in problems now.

These Churchfathers you can find in Revelation where the 24 elders with thrones sit around the throne of God. When judgement comes they are there. They are the kings with the thrones (Rev.4-5). Peter was a Churchfather, commisioned by God Himself. He was the Rock on which the Church was built. Under his ministry people even dropped dead (Acts. 5).
Abraham also was a Churchfather, an Archfather. In the endtime Elia will return as Churchfather before the Lord returns. He will give the fathers back to the children. Gods people need fathers, but also mothers (Mal. 4). The mission of preparation, the ministry of Elia, must be restored, by the coming Churchparents, the rocks for the Church.

3. The 7-Fold Ministry

There’s too much resting in the spirit, too much laughing, there must be more travelling in the spirit, working in the spirit. The coming Church-parents have to restore this. This is the Age of Laziness. We’ll break this. Stop with the cheap talk about the five-fold-ministry. That’s not it. The Bible speaks about much more. There are also judges and Church-parents.

4. Five Keys to open the sources of spirit-travelling

Key 1

See yourself as pilgrim. Paul said : I’m not with you, but in the spirit I’m with you. When you pray for someone your spiritual body is with the spiritual body of the other. You have more spiritual bodies, because you can pray for more people in the same moment. We call it : poly-localisation. When you focus on different spiritual bodies, your journey begins.

Key 2

Settle spiritual pilgrim-stations, inter-stations in your prayers and focus on that. Then your spirit-body sees chance to come in that area’s.

Key 3

The goal can blind you for the way to it. When you walk in darkness and you shine your pocket-light straight ahead, you can fall over things right before your feet. Let the goal go, shine on your way, then you have the goal.

Key 4

Fill yourself up in every inter-station. There you’ll find the keys for further journeys. Is the door of the future closed, travel back to the past, you’ve lost a key there. What does that mean, filling up ? Gratefulness, attention, respect etc. On this base, God can give you more.

Key 5

Don’t swim over the wild river alone. Maybe someone else built a bridge. God works through men and women. When you do it alone, you don’t have God..

5. The works of the Churchparents

Archparents are the architects of God, with the spirit-maps. They are the coming guides.

There’s more to come.

Herman Strijker, predictate