The Solomonic Empire (Words for America) Part 1 - The Great Unveiling June 07, 2007
Learn about the Solomonic Empire, Solomonic Anointing and the Solomonic Foundation as the true foundations for prophetic and the apostolic.

The States of America : Riddles of God

God gave me a nightvision, which is a vision while sleeping. There was a young wolf-lion in fight with a goat with extra-ordinary powers. The goat made itself tall, and crashed the head of the wolf-lion by it’s horns. Then the goat broke the neck of the predator. A fire came on the wolf-lion like a veil, while the wolf-lion was roaring, burning and fading away. I have waited for the Lord to give me the meaning of this. The Lord spoke the wolf-lion was the ruling spirit of America, and the goat was the Old-Testamentic symbol of Christ and the crucifiction. The goat is the Old-Testamentic Spirit of Christ preparing His Coming.

What does Solomonic Empire mean ? We have seen in the bible that Saul was the earthly king, while David was a king after God’s Heart. When Solomon came the temple came forth, and because of his wisdom they came from all over the world to listen to him. The Solomonic Anointing was to raise up an Empire all led by Gods Wisdom.

Knowledge talks, but Wisdom listens. Read the story of Gods Plans, of a unique Empire led by His Spirit.

How can we receive His Spirit ? Not by serving Him, but by waiting for Him. Christ is the Ultimate Servant, and we cannot serve by ourselves. First we need to receive His sense, His Wisdom. It is by the Solomonic Anointing we become prophetic.

God gave us the Old Testament as a preparation.

Songs of Solomon 8:6 – ‘Put me like a seal around your heart, like a seal around your arm; for love is as strong as death, jealousy is as hard and cruel as the dead. It’s sparks are sparks of fire, a most vehement flame.’

The Seal of Solomon is a prophetic seal, a seal connecting us to the very Heart of God, which is to know Him and to communicate with Him. There is no hope in going to a Pentecostal church and praying for spirit-infillment without listening to Gods Solomonic orders in the Old Testament. There is no hope in it. Period. God has made a path throughout the Old Testament, to receive the Shadow of Christ, the slaughtered goat, and it led to the temple of Solomon as the symbol of Wisdom, the base of all true spirit. Saul was the fleshly kingship, while David was the spiritual kingship, which got completed in Solomon, as the Empire Anointing. This path led to the coming of Christ and the receivement of the Spirit. We cannot receive the Spirit without preparations. So when you really want to receive the Spirit, you are at the right address.

There is no use in worship without waiting for the Spirit of Worship. We cannot worship. Jesus is the Ultimate Worshipper, by the Spirit of Worship. There is no use in prayer without waiting for the Spirit of Prayer. Jesus is the Ultimate Intercessor, by the Spirit of Prayer. It comes to bringing down the strongholds of the mouth, and raising the Spirit-Ear. I will tell you clearly how you can receive the Solomonic Anointing, and how it will break down your own fleshly empire. Are you still the emperor of your own life and even that of others ? Or are others the empire of your life ? Only by the Godgiven Solomonic Anointing you can get free, and receive Gods Empireship. God will become the Emperor of your life.

Welcome to the Solomonic Empire, and welcome to God’s given Spirit of Wisdom. Wisdom is the expression of Gods gifts, brought forth by sense. Throughout the Old Testament we see God is building up that sense. Only when we become sealed by God we can receive that sense. The wealth of Solomon’s is the shadow of this, the path of preparation. We will see how the Solomonic Anointing will bring us into the prophetic and the apostolic.

The prophetic and the apostolic are two flames in the Empire of God We see a lot of empires around us, like it was in history. But God’s empire is patriarchal, parentship, and has been built on Solomonic Foundation. We saw that by the works of Solomon the temple came into completeness. If there is any pastorship it is patriarchal, driven by the prophetic and apostolic flame. Without the Solomonic Giftings we fall into the hands of the Saul Order, the Order of the Flesh. Saul was the symbol of Religion.

It is sad to see that so many leaders follow the spirit of Saul rather than the Spirit of God. It is actually breaking God Heart, and those who has chosen to follow the Davidic Anointing will be persecuted by this spirit of Saul, without any doubt whatsoever. However there is Divine establishment by the Anointing of Solomon, the shelter for all those who have been persecuted by Saul. It is a heavy battle.

Today one has made a charicature of Solomon’s Temple, but God gave me the mission to restore the temple. God has broken the seal above America, and He has shown me that the States of America are representing the crosses of the Old-Testamentic Types of Christ, the roots of the Messianic Cross. The States are actually the riddles of the cross which need to be cracked. California for example represents the cross of Simson. The Philistines came to pierce his eyes out, and brought him into their temple to entertain them. We see Hollywood as the stolen and abused Eye of Simson, the Eye of the World and the center of entertainment. There is a great drama hidden behind the Hollywood-Scene. But God is going to change it. God will bring revelation to California, and will heal the Eye of Simson through His judgements. Yes, he will raise holy judges in California, those with rhema-revelation, having the visions and dreams of God in their hearts. They have carried the cross of Simson, they have been betrayed by their loved ones, they have been mocked and been used as a tool of entertainment, but now they are under Simson’s Anointing. I will tell you carefully how this Anointing will be activated. It has to do with Texas, which represents the Cross of Elija. Jezebel granted him no rest in body, soul and spirit. And she caused him to live in dryness, like a journey through the desert, finally to become a raven. God showed me when the Raven, the Spirit of Elija, reaches California, it will break the neck of the ruling spirit there. Jezebel tormented the Ear of Elija, brought him insomnia by her spirit of noise and talkativity. When the Simsonic Cross of the Eye will be connected to the Elijan Cross of the Ear the prophetic flame will rise.

God used the Elijan Cross to brood Elija’s Ear to purify it. It was the raven’s egg. God used the Simsonic Cross brought by the Philistines, by his betrayers, to brood Simson’s Eye to purify it. All by breaking it. God raises things up by breaking it. This is a very painful way, but it seems there is no other way. Don’t believe in quick prophetic solutions, for it will drive you off. First we have to become deaf and blind to the world, so that we can open up to heaven sense.

God loves California and Texas for they represent two important foundations of the prophetic, and they both have an important task in rebuilding the temple of Solomon in the coming Empire of God. Nothing is what it seems. Let us not dramatize things. We have been surrounded by the elements of God, and they wait for their revelation. Like the Greek basetext explains : Christ is already here, He has already returned, waiting for the Great Unveiling.