Spiritual Laws and Principles Part 2 - Vampirism Today May 01, 2000
Vampiristic spirits ? Yes ! Is this Biblical ? Yes ! They are in control of a lot of spiritual processes behinds churches an human lives. In this article we will discuss five important vampiristic spirit demons that cross our paths on a daily basis.
Vampires in the church ? Yes. Is this Biblical ? Yes. In the old testament one of the prophets speaks about night-ghosts, which can also be translated in vampires. A vampire is a sucking spirit, a blood-sucker where the Bible-book Proverbs speaks about. John sais that the devil came to steal, the devil is a thief, and so ,,,a vampire.

Well, can they come into church ? Yes, the devil came once into the discipel Petrus to pull Jesus away from the cross. He even could come into paradise. But sometimes people don't see him, cuz he's an artist in

There are a lot of vampires. I'll discuss a few :

1.The vampire of False Healing

This one steals energies from people and use it to heal other people. It looks like he's doing a good job, but the healing is stolen. It is built on crime. We see this in daily life. Some people are getting tired and more tired, sicker and sicker, and others are getting more healthy and they are always laughing and having fun. Some people drain others. They use energies that are not for them. I am aiming at a righteous energy-dividing. We gotto aim for the balance between giving energy and receiving energy in all area's, otherwise our personality can be a
vampiristic one.

The world will not tell you that, they will honour you because of your happiness and smiles, because of your strength, but God doesn't measure you like that. He measures your heart, your deepest intensions. If you want to be bigger and richer, beware of the vampires cuz they are knocking on your door. A lot of so called spiritual ambitions like wanting to be a healer or author, are nothing but desire for honour, status quo, power over people. And that's how Lucifer fell out of Heaven : PRIDE,,,,look at me !!!!!! Boasting !!!!!!!!!!!

So, do you know that lots of forms of abundance and evolution are the works of vampires ? Lots of healings are the works of vampires, yes. This exists because a lot of healing-services are not based on the Biblical

The Bible says in Timothy that you aren't allow to lay healing hands on everybody. Healing is holy. It's not for the pigs. In my own healing-services i sometimes experienced a power coming over my hand which blocked
me to lay my hands on a certain person. I couldn't move my hand towards the person who came for prayer. First there have to be the throwing off of sins, the repentance, otherwise the sins will grow. By healings
in overboldness the sins grow. Sickness, pain and troubles can be a discipline to block sin, sais the Bible in Korinthians. Sometimes God plants a thorn in the flesh to protect us against sin. When we remove
that thorn, we remove the protection. Sin destroys others, it's poison, it's sucking out. Dear friends, watch this mechanism. When God doesn't
want you to be healed, you can be healed by a demonic spirit, a vampire, that can bind your soul. The healing energy is actually a stolen energy from another person. Watch this vampiristic mechanism. This vampire is standing right before us, and knocks on our doors. When you don't want to be disciplined, when you don't want to bear the cross, then you live in false peace, stolen peace.
Lots of today's healers are posessed by this vampire-spirit. BE AWARE !!!!!!!!! The Bible sais in the last days there will be lots of
false healers and false prophets. A spiritual father of me said : 'They promise prosperity, but their cross is a bloodless stick. They are servants without scars. Being enticed by fleshly desires.' And that's true, when you say you follow Jesus, well, think twice, His
greatest job was dying on a cross.

2. The vampire of Projection

Well this one shows us how they suck people out : It's normal to think first about your own sins and then about sins of others. First look into the mirror. This vampire turns the story upside down. When you have a
problem with yourself, than he lets you focus on another so that you don't have to watch your own rubbish. This is a way to become blind for your own shortcomings. This is a form of false self-protection. You project your own failures on others and think good about yourself. In this way you steal energies from others.

3. The vampire of Vanish Talk

This one works through a lot of ministers, or people who think they have the job of being a minister to others. He lets the people fall asleep saying that God is so glad with them, that Jesus will forgive everything and that everything is so good and well. He sows the seed of projection and false healing. It's a vampire who sucks away all forms of repentance,
contrition, regret and penance and so bringing the whole church in destruction. But we need the circle of repentance to get rid of
sin, it's our inbuilt cleaning system, our spiritual kidneys.

4. The vampire of Jealousy and Comparison

When you see something in somebody else that you don't have, you got to ask yourself these questions :

a. does God wants me to have this too ??
b. is it time for me to have it now ??

and you have to say this to yourself :

c. when God doesn't want me to have it, i don't want it too, because then I don't need it, and it can only be a danger for me.
d. when God wants that for me too, then i am very grateful now for meeting this person to show me what God wants for me. I can learn from this person. This person has a purpose in my life.

This is a certain medicine for draining jealousy.


5. The vampire of Gossip

This is a vampiristic multiplier. You train others in vampirism, to have extra strength to bring someone down. It's the gathering of the vampires. Prejudices and lies are ways to get a quick grip on someone, especially in gossiping to others. Then the vampire-cup really overflows.

H.T. Strijker,