The Solomonic Empire (Words for America) Part 2 - A Word for Chicago June 07, 2007
I see a woman above Chicago, with a jar full of tears, and she pours it out into a river. ‘Yes,’ the Lord sais, ‘many of you are sowing in tears, but from the river Warriors will rise up.’ I see that the Lord watches Chicago not only as a city, but also as a state, containing more states. It is a big area. And the Lord sais : ‘Watch New York, for it represents the cross of Job, losing everything he had to gain the riches of heaven.’ Men have taken the riches of others, and abused it, but the Lord will restore the riches of Job. I have seen a white cat above New York, digging holes in the ground, to reach the underground where religious rats had built their church. This cat guarded a sort of airbase or spacebase where they launched rockets. It is the ruling spirit of the state New York, and the Lord sais he will bring this spirit down. The Lord is jealouse, as He wants New York to be His completely. And I hear alarmbells in the spirit, and the Lord is speaking loud as thunder. The Lord wants to raise the Job-Anointing coming forth from New York. There are angels bound in the underground of New York, bound by religion and the heaviness of the world, but God will release them in this hour. There will come a turn into the life of Job, as many angels have sown the seeds at that cross. Yes, angels of Job will rise to turn the riches into God’s riches, and the loss into warfare. The Lord is with New York, and will break the underground to show the treasures behind the veils. It was a cross for Solomon that women dominated his heart, and that he became a puppet of these women, while other women cried many tears over him, for they wanted to see his freedom. And the Lord sais He has heard the hearts of these women, and He has seen their tears, and Solomon’s Anointing will fall on them, as they were at the Cross of Solomon. He has gifted them with creativity, and gifted them with silence and wisdom. But even the remnant will be sifted. Those who will be faithfull to God He will give them His sword by which they can call forth fire from the heavens, but first God gives them a shield to shield His children against the strange fires. Be faithfull, sais the Lord.