The Genesis I-III Bomb Part 1 - Genesis 1 (and introduction) June 05, 2007
The True Creation Story of Genesis in the Groundtext

What if someone tells you one day : your schoolbooks were deceivers, limiting the meanings, so that you would not understand the others. That someone is here today. It is the Hebrew groundtext of the Old testament, together with the old Hebrew dictionaries. It is not enough to know the groundtext. There are a lot of interlinears modernized, cutting away the old Hebrew meanings of the words. Hebrew is a language full of rich expressing symbology, showing the depths of communication, like the bloodlines of relationships, and even more : the bloodlines of meaning. Modern society has made the bible compact by short, fast bible translations, easy to read, and thus populair, part of the mainstream. Many sell their souls to it, to this materialized bible of Mammon. But we need to return to the ancient depths. Then the true gospel will be shown to us. We live in a cocoon, once set up by the west. We live in a fairytale of prosperity called the West, but to be able to return to the West of paradise, the West of God, we need to return to our eastern roots first. In history the sword cut two times. The first cut the East was divided from the West, and the second cut divided the West into East and West. These were huge walls, thick walls, all settled by Councils, all to bring us in the West of the West. It is shocking but true : The West made our bible. That is the reason why we have often the wrong god on the telephone. It is the spirit of selective translation and free translation, two dogs of hell acting like they are Gods messengers. They came to deceive us by western bible-translations for the sake of marketing. Almost all of us have such a Mammon bible at home. It was made to serve western theology. It was made to serve it’s dogma’s, it was made to kill the Hebrew/Aramaic background of Christianity. This background is holding the Groundtext of the Word of God, and it’s Rich Dictionary. Time to open it again.

Whenever you study the Hebrew groundtext : Be sure you don’t use only a limited modernized interlinear, but consult many dictionaries, especially the old ones, to have a wide spectre of the meaning of the Hebrew words. Hebrew words are often like small stories, and when you don’t know them, you will end up in the river with your car. You need to know the cycles of the Hebrew Words, keeping you close to the red line of the true meanings, the Hebrew Web of Harmony. You need to know the background of these words, and the way they are interacting with each other, and their root words. By this you will discover the story behind the surface. Much of translation is subjective, unless you give all the meanings a chance. Traditional western translations often didn’t show the paint-pallet of the words, and thus leading their readers into a trap, which formed the many cults. Still there is so much misunderstanding because of this, so many wars. For the sake of the Hebrew groundtext we avoided the traditional explanations as much as we could. Actually we just translated, giving all meanings a certain place, to let it become a multi-dimensional work. This is what the Hebrew groundtext was always worth. Even the names we have translated to give them their true Hebrew meanings, which brings a lot of clearity in the story. We did that as much as possible to give a better sense of the context. We did not put in any theology or exaggeration of the original text. This is the plain Hebrew text which you will find in the old Hebrew dictionaries and the encyclopedeas and books of the background. We give you the objective translation, and it will shake all the subjective translations of theologians and marketers who didn’t do right to the wide meanings of the Hebrew language.

Genesis I - Chapter I

1 : 1. There was a shaking in the divisions, on top of the mountain, in the height of the stars, among the chiefs of existence. It was taking place in the head of everything, the sum of everything. This upper part was the chosen part. It was the best part, called the beginning and the first. Here the principal thing was dwelling, the first fruits, the origin of all time. There was a huge hierarchy of gods, goddesses, angels, all rulers and divine judges. They were the divine pillars, the divine trees, the mighty elements of nature. They were the works and the possessions of the true God. Although they were mighty and extra-ordinary they were living sacrifices, dyed in red. They were the doorsides and the sides of a hearth, ready to be the food of life in front of the tabernacle. They were in a vision, coming in imaginations. They were a duality, a paradox. They were the powers of a wilderness, both dark and light, holding the opposites together. They were godlike. They were in a process of shaping and shifting, planting a fashion, setting new conditions and situations. Here they created a man between the stars. They were selective, they were in a process of cutting things down, and fattening things up. They were creating individuality. They were feeding and giving birth, all in a miracle. They were devouring and transforming heaven and earth, the great wilderness, Sheol, which is the underworld, the land without return, the place of death. And things started to become visible. 2. And the tribal land of the dead was like a path and became like a desert, like a land of confusion, and they called it vanity and waste, the nothing and it was like a great void and there was no reality in it. It was the land of idols, a land laid to waste. It was a ruin not to be distinguished. It was the night of death and ignorance. It was a night of sorrow and wickedness. It was the day of destruction and misery sealing the depths like a wheel, a turning face. It was the guard of the abyss, a face which looked like an animal, a seraph and a cherub, a face turning into many faces, moving up and down in the abyss like a secret place. It was the veil of war and wrath hiding the grave, the primeval ocean, the river of death. And the head was murmuring and making a lot of noise to distract those who wanted to go through the portal. And the head was devouring them. It lived on the edge, in obscurity and silence. It was the face of longsuffering. And a violent wind was on the face, sensible in the runkenness of prophesy, for it came forth from the chief place, and it bore the desires and lusts of the first fruits and the mighty elements of nature to bring air and breath to stir up the fire of life. It brought the spasms of the divine sacrifice, the one dyed in red. It was brooding the head, shaking the head to insert it’s gas, the great endowment, like a wheel turning into a storm. It was the horse of extasy, the nose of the primeval wilderness, the place of symbol. And it began to prophesy, instructing and warning, and the wheel started to spin and shake, and relaxed. And the face covered the waters of dirt, because they had been a mixture of semen, sweat, urine, blood, waste and violence, because they had been trodden. And temporal things were in it, and those waters were dangerous. It was a drinking place and a place to bath. At the same time it was a place of excrements, a place of those who had fallen. And the face covered the flood. And the face became it’s portal, and opened itself. 3. And Elohiym, the great hierarchy of chiefs, answered and said : Let the light of the morning fall on the face and rise. Let all dark things become clear. Let the face become a lamp of instruction and a candle of life. And there was lightening. 4. And Elohiym saw the lighted face in a vision by his discernment, and the face was beautiful. And they watched each other, and gazed, as they had shown themselves and made themselves clear and visible. And there was sensuous understanding and discernment of a higher and better nature, causing much refinement and joy. And Elohiym separated the lighted face from the dark night, and made differences between them. 5. And Elohiym cried out unto the lighted face, who was like a book, a story, and invited it. And Elohiym made it chronically, daily, as a creation of summer showing up every day as the warm hours. And Elohiym turned the face into a longer period, until it became a flame, as a measure of life. Elohiym also invited the dark night of confusion and made a wheel of it, a season, full of ropes, to become a trap. And the joys after the night became darker, like the joys of a drunkenness, and they became one with the lighted face. It was the first summer. 6. And Elohim answered and said : Let there be a solid expanse in the midst of the dirty waters where they drink, bathe and be violent, where they are like a flood. And let the arch of the sky divide them. Let this vault store and hold them like wine, for they have been trodden. 7. And Elohim bruised the firmament and bore it, by becoming a sacrifice. And Elohim trod the firmament and brought it forth to divide the dirty waters above and below the firmament, thus to bring density and establishment. Elohim also divided the outer waters and the moving waters inside, and the rising, climbing ascending waters from the descending waters of subjection, the waters of the foot of the arch, which are the waters of conquest, the waters of burden, the waters of the woman, and the waters of sweetness, which are the waters of exchange. 8. And Elohim cried unto the treading expanse, and invited it, turning it into a man between the stars. And the joys after the night became darker again, being the second summer, a long period. 9. And Elohim challenged the dirty waters of the man to gather themselves in the first spot of his body, the first standing, to turn it into a land of draught and enjoy themselves, and they showed themselves to each other there. 10. And Elohim cried unto the wilderness of drought, while the gathering of waters were like horseriders entering the West. And Elohim saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart. 11. And Elohiym answered : Let the wilderness bring forth youth, tenderness, to bring forth carnal children, children of moral quality and righteousness, burdened by yokes, not spared by the rod, to bring forth the reward, the first fruits, which is the carnal wilderness. 12. And the wilderness brought forth youth, tenderness, to bring forth carnal children, children of moral quality and righteousness, burdened by yokes, not spared by the rod, to bring forth the reward, the first fruits, and Elohiym saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart. 13. And the joys after the night became darker, the third summer. 14. And Elohiym answered and said : Let there be candlesticks like smiles in the firmament of the man between the stars to give clearity and to divide eternity from time. Let them divide the seasons and the feasts. Let them be omens and messengers, signs and marks, to divide chronicals and single years. Let them be the miracles and the monuments, the measures of time and eternities. 15. They are the lights in the firmament of the man between the stars to put the wilderness in fire. 16. And Elohiym bruised two great lights. The light without shame became the ruler of the eternities, and the light of humiliation and brokenness to rule the time. The stars also. And Elohiym became like the two great lights. 17. And Elohiym yielded them in the firmament of the man between the stars to set the wilderness on fire. 18. And to rule over eternity and time and to divide the light from the dark night of confusion. And Elohim saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart. 19. And the joys after the night became darker, the fourth summer, which is the fourth eternity. 20. And Elohiym cried out to the dirty and violent and certified them to swarm and multiply, to bring forth reviving swarms of insects, animals and small reptiles with appetite, the troops and the wild beasts, that they may be restored to life and grow. Let them come forth from the pits of death. That they may live forever, in revival and community, in maintenance. And Elohiym certified them to bring forth winged insects, flying creatures, chickens, cocks and birds, all because of the wilderness, and they were beyond time, and the elevators of the wilderness, in the face of the firmament of the man between the stars. And the man had many faces. One of them was of a seraph, another of a cherub, and further faces of animals. And the face was like a battle. The face was like a mouth. And the face was moving like a wheel. It was the guardian of eternity. And it’s guard was time. The wilderness was a path. The wilderness had been covered. And the face was holding both time and eternity. And when it turned it displayed the seasons. 21. And Elohiym cut down giants, dragons, seamonsters, dinosaurs, venomous snakes and whales. And Elohiym devoured them . And Elohiym chose himself giants, dragons, seamonsters, dinosaurs, venomous snakes and whales and fed them. And Elohiym cut down wild beasts full of appetite to devour them . And Elohiym chose himself wild beasts and restored them to life. And it was all because of the flood of the dirty and violent waters. And Elohiym brought forth the jackals, all by these waters. And they brought forth the edges and extremities, they brought forth an army. And they had feathers and fragile clothings. And they wore skirts. And they were stretching out, tall and slim. And Elohiym saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart. 22. And Elohiym took his position in the army and certified them to bear fruit, and made of them archers and hunters. And Elohiym caused them to be filled by the waters of the wilderness and to be armed by them, in the West, all for the sake of becoming darker to have a stronghold for storage and camouflage. 23. And the joys after the night became darker, the fifth summer, which is the fifth eternity. 24. And God certified Sheol, the wilderness, to bring forth deadly wild beasts and troops, cattle and savages. Also to bring forth creepers, swarmers and the muted. 25. And Elohiym brought sacrifices and created a government of maintenance, and the wilderness was red, like a man and tribes. And Elohiym saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart. 26. And Elohim bruised the man and the tribes. They were cruel and camouflaged. Let them tread down the fishes of the West, the ones who multiply themselves and increase. Let them subdue the birds and prevail against them. Let them rule. Let them scrape them out. For it is the red man and the red tribes, in a red wilderness, and everything has to be dyed in red, and rubbed in red. And thus it was a bound wilderness, like in a marriage. And they were in a low degree, in the underworld. And the same happened to the cattle and the savages, to the creepers and the swarmers. 27. And Elohim darkened the man and the tribes, and he devoured them to separate male and female. And the male was like an animal and a child, like the memory and a monument. And the female was like a piercer, and she had been pierced. And she was the decorator. She was the one with holes. And Elohiym fed them. 28. And Elohiym brought them up into the army and God certified them to bear fruit, to be archers and hunters, to possess the wilderness and to subdue it to bring it into bondage, to prevail against the fishes of the West, and against the birds and against the creepers and the swarmers. 29. And Elohiym declared the given tenderness bringing semen upon the face of the wilderness and the yoke in which the reward and the fruit is. It shall bring forth carnal children. And it shall bring forth meat. And this all because of the work of the carpenter. 30. And to the hunger of the wilderness, and to the fowl, the winged insects, the chickens and cocks, those who are covered and those who are dark, to the gloom, and the flying creatures of the man between the stars, and to the creepers and swarmers, where the hunger is, there is tenderness in which is the fire, the sword, and the judgement. 31. And Elohiym saw in a vision that they had reached drunkenness of heart with vehemence. And the joys after the night became darker, the sixth summer, which is the sixth eternity.

Part 2 - Genesis II