The Genesis I-III Bomb Part 2 - Genesis II June 06, 2007
2 : 1. This is how the man between the stars fell down in the wilderness, and the whole army with their hosts. 2. And the seventh summer and eternity Elohiym, the divine wheels of imaginations devoured all business which he had bruised, and he made a feast, letting all business he had bruised fail, in the seventh summer and eternity, and it vanished. 3. And Elohiym took position in the army of the seventh summer and eternity, because by that he had cut down business, and broke all communication to leave. 4. This is the descending of the man between the stars and of the wilderness bringing the story of heaven, when they were entering another realm to become chronical, when the mighty wheels of imaginations were descending, when they were breaking up and falling down, bruising the wilderness and the man between the stars. 5. And still the wild sting of the house of wild beasts and the tenderness did not descend into the man and the tribes, for the wheels of imaginations still didn’t bring rain and hail. It didn’t enslave them yet to work in the red land. The webs didn’t stretch out yet. 6. But a fog ascended from the wilderness to drown the turning face of the red land, to water the wheel of it’s portal and mouth. And the face was like many faces. One of them was of a seraph, another of a cherub, and further faces of animals, and the faces were making signs. 7. And the descending wheels brought the man and the tribes into the straits to frame them and to stretch them out, putting stress on them. And they became narrow. And the wheels brought the man and the tribes forth from draught and powders, from the lamps, lights, by natural magick and the rubbish of the red land, by a mix of lime, sand, water, and cement. And the wheels blew the blasts of wild beasts into the longsuffering of the man and the tribes, into their anger, to bring it into maintenance. And the seat of wrath started to bring forth wheels and the drunkenness of war. And the man and the tribes became hungry beasts with deadly desires, slayers. And their waters started to flow up from the death to revive. And there was a revival flowing from the seat of appetites. There was divine inspiration like a panting woman in labour. It was the breath and the spirit of God. 8. And the descending wheels struck the fences and the hedges of a garden. It was a garden on a mount in the East, a frontpart, an old part, in Eeden, the land of pleasure, of finery, luxury and delight, the dainty land, where everything had been adorned and decorated, where everything was fragile and tender like serpentine. And the wheels cast the man and the tribes into it by violence. 9. And from the red land which was like a bound man in marriage the wheels brought forth carpenters, gallows and yokes, objects of punishment all made of wood. And the wooden objects and boxes were there to give visions of extasy and drunkenness of heart, and to bring forth meat, to bring forth sword, fire, beasts and birds. There were also the yokes of revival, in the midst of the garden, which was like the enclosed garden of a bride, and there was a carpenter of cunning, knowing and holding the heart of drunkenness, knowing about all it’s secrets, also the grief of it and the brokenness. 10. And a flood went out of Eeden to drown the enclosed garden of the bride, and it got shattered, divided, into four heads, and these heads were shaking. 11. The mark of the first is Piyson, the scattered one, turning around the whole land of Chaviylah. It is the land of pain and perversion, where there is oil and fair weather. 12. And the weather brings drunkenness of heart, and there are cutting rituals, and those of white paint. It is the land of the beryl. 13. And the mark of the second flood is Gihon, the labouring one, turning around the wilderness of Kuwsh, the black land. 14. And the mark of the third flood is Hiddekel, the rapid one, which goes to the front of Ashshur, the land of the conqueror. And the fourth flood is Prath, the fertile one. 15. And the descending wheels brought the man and the tribes into captivity, into marriage, in the enclosed garden of the bride, where they had to serve and guard. 16. And the descending wheels charged the man and the tribes and challenged them to wage ware by the sword like pestilence, drought and fire, to cause slaughter in every cage and part of the garden ; 17. except at the fence of the carpenter of cunning, knowing all about pleasure and grief, for then there would be death, and there surely the necromancer is waiting. 18. And the descending wheels gathered the man and the tribes, because they wanted to surround them, and the wheels bruised them to raise a protection. 19. And from the red ground the wheels framed every wild beast, every system of appetites, every maintenance, revival and community, every system of communication, and every flood. They also framed every winged insect, every flying creature, every chicken and cock, every creature covered with feathers, all the birds and every fowl of the man between the stars to induce trance into them, to employ them and to bring them to the red man and the tribes, so that they could cry unto them and invite them to let them fall upon them by visions. So that they would see all what they would communicate to each other. And they could call each other forth by name, by the seat of appetites, by the wild beasts, and by slaughter. 20. And the red man and the tribes summoned the names of the cattle, the wild beasts and the muted ones, and those who were half human and half animal, and the ones with feathers of the man between the stars, and the companies, revivals, the maintenances, the systems of communication, the floods and the systems of appetites, and they preached to them, but there was not found a surrounding, and there was no protection. 21. And the descending wheels caused a fugitive to come and brought slaughter on the man and the tribes to cut one side off of them. It made them weak and bitter, and dirt covered their nakedness. 22. And the part which had been cut away was like a chamber bringing forth children, and they were like weak men, like bloodthirsty flowers, mortal, before the feet of the red man and the red tribes. 23. And the red man and the red tribes appointed them, for they went out from them, and were from the same life and they were mighty members of them, they were their essence, the source to bring up visions. They were their organs of generation. And they invited them and gave them fame, and cried unto them. They summoned them. 23. Therefore the red man and the red tribes have to help their bonds and chiefs by their weakness, by their flower side. And they shall be one organism of animals, working by extension. 25. And they were naked, half-naked and cunning and prudent, so that they weren’t ashamed, two parts, the red man and his tribes, and their flower side..

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