Spiritual Laws and Principles Part 4 - Spiritual Forces Symbolized by God May 27, 2008
Both ice and fire are enormous forces in the spiritual world. Both God and His angels and the Devil and his angels use these spiritual forces automatically because they represent laws that govern the spiritual world and are symbolic for a whole range of spiritual principles. Many Christians are familiar with speaking about "fire" and the "fire of God" from the Bible but if we look more closely there is more to it and we see God also speaks about ice in the Bible.
Yes, the bible speaks about the fire of God but... if you aren,t careful you will get burned by a different fire.. the fire of Satan.
The Bible tells us about another thing... ice, the true and safe way to the real fire of God !
Many Christians don,t know about this and it has opened a portal to the core of hell, a spiritual gateway that leads directly into the heart of the church.

Many churches are build on false fire. They also talk about nothing else. The relations are superficial, the people stick to each other and there are many hidden sins of sexual impurity. That,s the result of having false territorial fire demons above your church.
We need to be very careful with fire forces. The only way to come to the pure spiritual fire is trough ice. You can,t come directly to Gods fire, you will get burned. The result is that when you keep urging for Gods fire but you ignore the ice principles you will never contact Gods throne but end up with demonic fire.

This also goes in relations between people, whether it,s your friend, wife, husband college or someone from your church. To really get a deep relation with that person and to really see there heart and really to be able to help that person you will have to use the ice principles in your live. That,s the way to holiness and pureness in your live and other peoples lives.
When you meet/come together through ice than you will have been through a lot more difficulty's, you will have been trough a lot more effort and tests, you had to make a lot more choices etc and so the reward will be much greater.

It's that witch happens in the spiritual world that counts above that which happens in the natural world.

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- Written in 2001 -