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Who, where, When, How, good or bad etc
Benny Hinn
Not all Hinn says is wrong - many of the so called anti ministries don't seem to find the middle road. Read the introduction. Demons might well NOT be fallen angels. Decern the spirit behind a ministry and the teachings from a certain ministry.
Deceiving The Elect - about Rodney Howard Browne
Deceiving the elect- A scriptural and critical analysis of the Laughter Movement by dr. Eddy Cheong.
Deception in the Church
Not many things can bear the light of day here but it makes good reading. You will have to be the judge of what's right and wrong on this website.
Ellen G. White
"In brief, she was a woman of remarkable spiritual gifts who lived most of her life during the nineteenth century (1827-1915), yet through her writings she is still making a revolutionary impact on millions of people around the world..."
Many of her books can be read online !
Examining The New Wine Movement
1 Timothy 4:1 "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons."
Life and Ministry of William Branham
Life and Ministry of William Branham according to The Wikipedia. Also read and click on the critical notes on top of the page about the neutrality of the article that is in disputed for more interesting reading.
The Brownsville Revival
This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about the Brownsville Revival.
The History of the Vineyard Movement
The History of the Vineyard Movement founded by John Wimber.
Workgroup "Back to the Bible"
Not many prophets, actualy non are fit for the prophetic ministry acording to these people. But, he, it makes good reading !