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Well, first read and than decide..
Chaotic site but with many links.
Conspiracy - Secret Societies Exposed by RIE
"After completing the manuscript to the first book, Who's Who of the Elite, he contacted a number of publishers to ascertain their interest in this material. They all declined because of the subject matter, so he formed his own publishing company, RIE, and published this first of fourteen books in progress. The author has devoted the rest of his life to exposing the real truth about those evil ones in this world who would like to make us all their slaves."
David Icke Website
Well, once you start reading these books your life and vision of the world will never be the same. And yes we know he is not a christian..! David Icke believes the world how we see it isn't how it really is and that it is governed by a race of shape shifting reptilian(s demons). Really it makes a lot of interesting reading on the demonic, on world conspiracy, on Satanism, on royal bloodlines and the spiritual world and the nature of reality.
Endtime Information Web
Christian website about the mark of the beast, microchips and computer technology and more of these topics.
Masonic info, documents, testimonies of ex-masons etc.
Ex-Masons for Jesus
Ex-Masons for Jesus is an organization of Christian men and women who were once members of a Masonic Lodge or one of the affiliated Masonic organizations such as Eastern Star, DeMolay, Job's Daughters or Rainbow Girls. We have left Masonry because of our commitment to Jesus Christ and a realization that Masonry is not consistent with a sincere expression of the Christian faith. We have found that participation in Freemasonry interferes with a close relationship with Jesus Christ.
Freemasonry corner on the Cutting Edge website
In their own words: "This section of our web site is devoted to the study of Freemasonry. What is it? What do they say about their own beliefs and are they compatible with Christianity. You will be shocked by what you read about the occult nature of this organization and it's New World Order Connections."
Illuminati News
Mega site on the evil works of the Illuminati.
Power of Prophesy
Messy Website of Texe Marrs
Satan's plan For Your Church!
It's much more worse than this ! Many churches have already been taken over.
The Reptilian Agenda
Articles and Research into the Draconian/Reptilian Theories, Draconian/Reptilian Historical Studies, Draconians/Reptilians Found in Mythology and Demonology, Reports of Experiences with Reptilian Entities, Biblical and Extra-biblical Studies of Reptilians etc !