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Arsenal for Global Warfare
"We are building this as a generic site to serve the Body of Christ by providing a database of smart battle gears, weapons and ammo, tactics and strategies, truths, principles, insights and revelations to overcome the dragon and his bad angels in the endtimes and put everything under the feet of Jesus
This site is best viewed with humility, openness, teachability, and discernment."
Studies on demons, deliverance etc.
Exorcism 101
Interesting site about doorways to the soul and deliverance.
Freedom Encounters Ministries
The Official Website of Ken Thornberg specialized in Territorial Warfare and deliverance from satanic ritual abuse (SRA).
Spiritual Warfare Ministries Online (teaching page)
Lots of interesting topics like: Can Christians have demons? I believe it is possible for Christians to be harassed by demons, but how is it possible for demons to invade a believer's body? What is generational bondage? Is Spiritual Warfare a valid Biblical concept? Why are some children oppressed? etc.