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Free christian e-book on Vegetarianism
"When my book Judaism and Vegetarianism was first published in 1982, I encouraged Christian vegetarians to build on my book’s arguments to write a book on Christianity and vegetarianism. Initially I had little success, and some even told me that a vegetarian case could not be based on Christian teachings. Fortunately, many have disproved this contention, and there has been a flood of books connecting Christianity and vegetarianism by many writers, including Reverends Andrew Linzey, Regina Hyland, and Gary Kowalski, and Keith Akers and Steven Webb."....
Jesus and the early Christians - The Misrepresentation of Jesus' Directives
Interesting reading
Religion and Vegetarianism
Deep studies on vegetarianism form the International Vegetarian U n i o n (IVU).
The Cruelty and Wastefulness of Meat Eating
by John Couch, Society of Friends (Quakers)
Veganism according Wikipedia
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Vegetarian and vegan info
Much interesting reading on animal cruelty but also for example about vegetariam and "Are Your Asian-Made Vegan Shoes Truly Vegan?" that talks about human cruelty when making vegan shoes. Yes, lots to tink about when becoming a vegetarian.
Vegetarianism according Wikipedia
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Was the apostle Paul a vegetarian?
Biblical arguments against the eating of meat and the modern day dangers of eating meat.